Grateful Dead

June 04 - June 10, 2018

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back to the Tapers’ Section, where this week we have Grateful Dead music from 1978, 1979, and 1981.

Our first selection this is from Patrick Gym at UVM in Burlington, VT, where we have the start of the first set, featuring Sugaree ; New Minglewood Blues ; Peggy-O ; Beat It On Down The Line; Loser. There aren’t too many shows that open with Sugaree, but they tend to be pretty great when they do.

Next is first set music from the Dead’s stop in Easton, PA on 5/7/79 on Brent’s first tour with the Dead. From this show we have Me And My Uncle> Big River; Candyman ; Looks Like Rain.

Lastly this is the start of the second set from 5/11/81 in New Haven, CT, where we have Scarlet Begonias> Fire On The Mountain > C C Rider ; To Lay Me Down, a very cool sequence featuring two normally first set songs in the second set.

Be sure to join us here next week for more music from the vault.

David Lemieux
Twitter: @lemieuxdavid