Grateful Dead

March 31- April 6, 2008

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back to another fine week in the history of the Grateful Dead's recorded legacy. We're going to visit four decades this week, the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, so on to the music...

As promised last week, we have the conclusion of the jam from 3/28/69 in Modesto, California. As we mentioned last week, the Live/Dead suite is split by a cut in The Eleven, so we played the pre-cut portion last week, and this week we're pleased to play you this magnificent closing combination of The Eleven>Lovelight. What a great Lovelight, too!

Next up we have music from 4/3/70 in Cincinnati, with two classic 1970s tunes, specifically Hard To Handle, Dancing In The Street. There's a bit of a buzz occasionally on the tape, but overall the music certainly does shine through. The Dancing in particular finds the band gelling in perfect sync, with Phil and the drummers laying down the groove while Bobby and Jerry danced circles in and around the melody, with Pigpen filling the space with his organ playing. I love this Dancing In The Street. This show was just a month before the massive, justifiably famous Harpur College show from 5/2/70. If you haven't heard THAT one recently, we encourage you to pull out Dick's Picks Vol. 8 and give it a listen.

Three years less a day later, the Grateful Dead would find themselves at the venerable Boston Garden for a great show to end a great start to the year. From 2/9/73 through to this 4/2/73 show, the Grateful Dead toured with nary a break aside from two weeks at the start of March (during which time Pigpen passed away), and this concert in Boston has the band playing with a fire that shows no signs of fatigue. From the first set, we are pleased to play China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider, You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man.

Heading next to the early 1980s, 4/6/82 in Philadelphia to be specific, we are very pleased to play the opening foursome from this great show. This sequence of Cold Rain and Snow>Promised Land, Candyman>CC Rider was played exceptionally well, and was a portent of things to come in what is one of my favourite second sets from 1982. We played some of that second set last year here, so be sure to go back through the Tapers Section archives found on these pages and listen to that blistering second set material.

Finally this week, from 4/1/90 in Atlanta, we have the first set's closing sequence of Althea, Victim or the Crime>To Lay Me Down>The Music Never Stopped. lots of great music was played at this three night run of shows, including a shakedown street that you can hear by going back through these archives to a year ago. check it out.

Due to my occasional lapse in thought, last week I accidentally put up some music from 1991 when I'd mentioned a terrific jam from 1990. Sorry about that. It's now been corrected, so please go back to last week's Tapers Section to hear the stunning jam from 3/30/90 at Nassau Coliseum featuring Playing In The Band>China Doll>Uncle John's Band>Terrapin Station. With a Garcia trimvirate like that, you don't want to miss it.

Thanks for stopping in. it's always great to hear from you, so feel free to write with questions, comments or suggestions. the email address below will get to me directly, and i try to respond to all emails.

david lemieux


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Joined: Nov 16 2007
to marye, they played" you

to marye, they played" you aint woman enough "15 times ,all in 1973.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
69 modesto...come to my house..

there's a "death don't have no mercy" hiding in between the eleven and lovelight, fwiw.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
there it is again...!

love that jam in the midst of Dancin' that also shows up in 70's Dark Stars and China Cats, and perhaps other tunes...the tigthen-up jam? or some such jam...Thanks for that. Does the band call it something particular? Is is marked down on the vault reels anywhere, when they play it? I'd be interested to hear more about it. Thanks, David.

Joined: Jan 24 2008
monday morning uplift

I love starting my day w/ this. My students tolerate me but I think they are slowly but surely "getting it". Thank you for driving my week.

Joined: Sep 4 2007
Joy * 50 = this weeks music ( :

Mr Lemieux , i give great thankx for the blisteringly mindblowing music this week . Im not joking

The Modesto 69 bit has probably the best The eleven i ve ever heard i think .

The 1982 audio from Philad . is indeed as well quality . And the 4.1.90 end of the 1st set fully inspired

Thanks ( for that Eleven from 69 ] , as welll as the rest of the music

This was one of the better weeks of the TS , thank you inmensely = )

Jaime G

hey_bob's picture
Joined: Oct 26 2007
my goodness...

folding from last week's final tape into this weeks 1st was worth the wait...then to hear Hard to Handle (somehow I can't get enough of Pig's voice) and Dancing - followed by that smokin' ChinaCat...I'm blubbering - Thanks David!

Joined: Jun 4 2007
omni clip


I really enjoyed the clip from the Omni '90. While the Althea, in my opinion, was rather standard, the last three tunes were truly inspired. Is this the Victim which appears on 'Without a Net'? I love the juxtaposition in moods of the last three tunes. Downright scary Victim, an absolutely lilting To Lay Me Down with the ability to bring tears to your eyes, and a triumphant Music Never Stopped as the capper. Boy, a real treat. Thanks very much!

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007

how often did they do "You Ain't Woman Enough..."?

grdaed73's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007

very nice suprise David,did u forget 2 mention that "death don't have no mercy" between the eleven'nlovelight. very fittin for this morning i think, just never know when it'll sneak up an ya.
just gotta love the wake up call from the Pig "Now wait a minute ,wait a minute"

thx again David

gdradio's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Thanks David

another wonderful monday morning soundtrack! almost makes it worth getting out of bed for!
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