Grateful Dead

October 3- October 9, 2011

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back to the Tapers' Section, where this week we'll check out some early, mid and late 80s Dead.

Our first stop is to hear some music from Set 1 at the Kiel in St. Louis on 7/8/81, featuring Althea ; Me And My Uncle > Big River ; Don't Ease Me In ; New Minglewood Blues. There was a lot of good music played in 1981, from the February shows in Chicago right up to 12/31/81.

Next up is music from the excellent summer tour of 1985, featuring the end of the show from SPAC in Saratoga Springs, NY on 6/27/85. This is a show worth seeking for it's really fun first set, as well. From the post-Drums we have Space>Truckin'>Spoonful>Black Peter>Lovelight, Johnny B. Goode>Baby Blue.

Lastly this week, from the first show of the summer tour of 1989 in Foxboro, MA, we have the end of the show, featuring The Wheel>Dear Mr. Fantasy>Hey Jude>Sugar Magnolia, Mighty Quinn from 7/2/89. This show had odd-but-cool first and second set openers, Playing>Crazy Fingers to open set 1 and Friend of the Devil to open set 2.

Be sure to join us here next week for more great stuff from the Grateful Dead's vault. As always, we encourage you to write to us at the email address below.

David Lemieux


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lamagonzo (not verified)
Oh yes, a release of Cape Cod

Would blow away the Warlocks box. There may be technical problems with the master. You never know...

Joined: Jan 6 2009
thanks alot for the 7/8/81

thanks so much dave

my first show and the only tape i know of it is so , so distant . . please dave make this a DAVES PICK !

Joined: Jun 7 2007

I saw this show, and David picked the absolute best part to share. Loving it!

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007
various things of this nature

are somewhat messed up at the moment. We kinda know what the issue is and what it will take to address it but it will be a few days, long story short. We are working on restoring order to the universe.

Joined: Aug 31 2009
ok... next time

i will exhaust all searching efforts BEFORE leaving requests to admins.... resolved one of two issues on me own.. but, it revealed another little error.

the current TS week, 10/10-10/16 is listed on the Home page under 'Release Info'... great that i found it, but it doesn't appear for me on list of Taper's Sections, nor the Feature page that highlights the TS at the top (still showing last week).

..and when i stated 'last week' in previous comment, that referred to a couple ago by now. as in 9/26-10/2 clips not available.

so in the end.. i am most pleased to have found this week's clips!!

Joined: Aug 31 2009
hmm, Question for Admins

aside from not seeing anything this week yet.. no big deal.... i am interested in revisiting some of last week's stuff, which no longer appears on the list of weeks (possibly replaced by the message about the vines?).

combined, these two issues... well, i would love resolved by the good graces of the TS admins who provide this stuff for free!!
so, no complaints, necessarily ;)

much love David and crew!

Joined: Oct 11 2011
the wonderful 80's

How beautiful is the music of the dead in the 1980's? let me count the chills!!!

Wally Gator's picture
Joined: Jun 7 2007
Dear Danc, (from 10-3-11 review)

I'm pretty sure the Cape Cod shows are in the vault and I would like to back-up your request to release those two wonderful shows. The audience recordings I have are pretty good quality considering it's the Cape Cod Collisium, if you've been there you know what I mean. You don't hear many people talking about these shows, which would make it extra special to release, everybody likes a surprise. A great GD show that they haven't heard of before. Make it happen, make it so!!!

Joined: Aug 31 2009
ehem... ;)

it is Oct 11th today...
maybe tomorrow :)

Bach 2 Bach's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
SPAC '85

That attendance number was also just for paid admission... I know a whole lotta people climbed the fence in the back to get in as well...!

And some guy was hanging off the balcony, prompting Phil and Bob to break out the old 'my dog has no nose' joke. I think it's also on the Hundred Year Hall show from the new Europe 72 box set...


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