Grateful Dead

September 1- September 7, 2008

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Greetings, and welcome back to the Tapers Section. This week we have a good selection of Grateful Dead music from this week in the Grateful Dead's recorded history, as well as some music from Jerry Garcia concerts that took place during this week many years ago.

Our first selection is Scarlet Begonias>Fire on the Mountain from 9/5/79 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. This was the Grateful Dead's second visit to the Garden after their two night run there in January, 1979, and it would always hold a place of high honour in the Grateful Dead's touring schedule.

From a year later, on 9/4/80 in Providence, RI, we have the very cool second set jam featuring Supplication Jam>Estimated Prophet>Eyes of the World. These Supplication Jams are always so much fun to hear. From the same tour, two nights later, we have some music from an audience tape on 9/6/80 at the famous show in Lewiston, Maine, featuring Shakedown Street>Lost Sailor>Saint of Circumstance>Althea. It's too bad that a soundboard tape of this concert has never surfaced in the vault, although we're very thankful the tapers were doing their job so well.

On to some Garcia material. From 9/1/74 at the Keystone in Berkeley, we have a couple of tracks from the incredible Pure Jerry album drawn from this concert, the Keystone Jam and Soul Roach. This was the Garcia-Saunders band featuring John Kahn, Martin Fierro and drummer Paul Humphreys, a precursor to the Legion of Mary, which, of course, would feature Ron Tutt on drums.

Finally this week, we have the Jerry Garcia Band playing Don't Let Go from 9/2/89 at Merriweather Post Pavillion in Columbia, Maryland. I distinctly recall a friend leaning over to me during this jam, while we standing in the 10th row, and commenting “this is how the Dead used to jam.” This one gets wayyyyyy out there. And, because it's such a great jam vehicle, here is another version of Don't Let Go from 7/29/77 with which to compare our 1989 rendition.

Be sure to stop in next week for more great September Dead. As always, we welcome and encourage you to write with questions, comments, requests or suggestions.

David Lemieux


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Joined: Jun 4 2007
the elusive ">"

oh my how some folks loved to sling the hate on "Scarlet>Fire" and all the newbies that swarmed onto the scene, as Cornell "77 and other fine soundboards spun their way around the USA, with the prepheads, giggle-girls, too-old guy, and fratbrats, filled the arenas and found themselves driving just a bit further each tour to catch another show...

...and the long-haired-hippie-freak-dope-smokin-tree-huggin-sandal-wearin dyehards that bemoaned the "good 'ol days when things weren't so bad"...but kept coming anyway...

...but those audience tapes, and 12 packs of Maxell XLIIs littered our basements, and kept our cars running smoothly for the factor of "45 minute & flip" for years untold.

and come on...this '79 Scarlet>Fire just rips.

and come on...where would we ALL be without the ">" of Estimated>Eyes, China>Rider, Help>Slip>Franklins, Sailor>Saint, and yes, Drums>Space...and what might have been going through your head when the boys just kept jamming, and for whatever reason, diverted from the norm? Shock and awe indeed.

if you're reading this on, i guess i'm probably singin' to the choir, but as the Fall season is once again upon us, why not dig out your tapedeck this weekend, dust off those rusty tapes just one more time, and find some ">" that everybody seemed to know was coming but you.

Thanks David, for the ever strong tapers section...I'd love to hear your views both pro and con, on "filler."

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Joined: Jun 6 2007
DOn't Let GO!

That Don't Let Go from 89' is off the hook. Man that is what I am talking about. Stellar Jam!

DL, THanks for all of the tunes from the taper sections. I have been playing these a lot more at work. It makes the day go better.

Do or do not; there is no try.

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Wonderful selections this

Wonderful selections this week. The early Brent stuff is really cool. Keep it coming!

grdaed73's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
who let go?

whoowee, this feeling grinnin me!
thx loads david!!

shwack's picture
Joined: Apr 12 2008
Have Merci!

Have Merci! While i'm at it, thanks also for recognizing the essential character of Lewiston 9/6/80 regardless of recording source.Sounds just fine!
Kind regards,
shwack nh

shwack's picture
Joined: Apr 12 2008

Right on david! That show was a great way to end a summer in Maine-all those years ago.
Just fantastic!
Thanks also for the Garcia stuff.As I have mentioned before in this here forum Garcia
in any configuration is ALWAYS welcome in my house
Cheers from the foothills of the Whites nh

merci beaucoup Monseiur Lemieux

Joined: Apr 22 2008

Thanks for the great selection, David. 1979-1982 are some of my favorite GD years. The deep space exploration jams the band were doing during these times were really cool with Phil, Jerry, Bobby, Bill, and Mickey driving the jams while Brent nicely found his groove.

Have a super September everyone!

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Joined: Feb 9 2008

Love the Dont Let Go from 77! You should throw in one from the Jerry Garcia Band every week. Great picks, Thanks DL!

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Joined: Jun 4 2007

These songs are just what the Dr. ordered... awesome selection, thanks DL!

"The need for mystery is greater than the need for an answer." - Ken Kesey

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Josh & Jaime

Deadbase XI does indeed have a JGB 'base' as well as a RatDog base (to that point). And my bet would be that Deadbase online might have some jerrybase also.


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