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Joined: Jun 4 2007
not sure exactly

not sure exactly, but generally Kreutzmann used

Pearl Drums
Tama Drums
Ludwig Drums

also a bongo here and there:

( -;

Joined: Nov 6 2008
drums on uncle johns band

does anyone know what the drum was billy played on uncle johns band? and where i can find out what he played exactly (which rhythms he used)?


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Joined: May 26 2007
Upcoming Billy gigs

See Billy in October:

Bill Kreutzmann, Oteil Burbridge, and Scott Murawski
Friday, October 24
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Saturday, October 25
Magnolia Fest
Live Oak, FL

Bill Kreutzmann with Papa Mali in Hawaii
Wednesday, October 29
Kilohana Plantation
Kauai, HI

Friday, October 31
Spirit Fest
Honolulu, HI
The Red Elephant
(late night show)
Oahu, HI

Saturday, November 1
Pa'ia, HI

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Thank you Billy for touring and comming back to Live Oak and Magnolia Festival to end your tour. We here in Gainesville are super high on the idea of seeing billy in our backyard.

Joined: May 24 2008

Gosh i just love me some Billy. Were very glad he is on tour this summer and will be ending this tour less than one hour from our home town of Gainesville FL.

Taylor "the drummer"

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Happy Birthday Billy

Funny how I go through phases of focusing on the sounds of individual band members, lately it has been Billy. What a fantastic rhythm keeper.

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.
William Blake

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Happy B-Day!!

Happy Billy Day!!!

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Joined: May 26 2007
this just in...

"We are so excited we can hardly contain ourselves! As longtime
Grateful Dead fans, bringing the newly-formed Bill Kruetzmann Trio to
you at MagnoliaFest 2008 is beyond exciting! And when we discovered
one of his partners in the trio is none other then our very own
festival favorite Oteil Burbridge, that made it even more perfect for
Magfest! Check out the the website of 3rd trio member, Scott Murawski
(Max Creek) for some incredible live BKT music. The music is from one
of their first shows, and you just know that come October it will be
peaking underneath the live oaks at the Suwannee."

The MagMusic website is at

Joined: Mar 20 2008
The time just before

I must live where there are big fish
A long, long time ago I was a young high schooler working my first job as a shipping clerk in a company in Mt View Calif. that imported hair products from overseas.
The company was new and was owned by two fellows named Harvey Brickman and Richard Minkin.
At first I could get off school and come in at the end of the day and get all the shipments off without any help, but the company grew very fast and they soon had to hire a fellow to come in earlier in the day to keep up the shipments until I got there to work with him for the big rush that came at the end of the day.
After several months of working together my assistant showed up and announced he wouldn't be back as the small local band he played with had just signed a recording contract with (I believe) MGM records.
Bill Kreutzmann left to play with the Dead that day, and I couple of years later I left to be a bush pilot in Alaska.
Strange how different lives take different turns.
So if ever you get the chance, ask Bill if he remembers the wig factory and the little gold foil boxes with celophane fronts he used to pack for shipping in his last 8 to 5 job?

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Billy is an awesome drummer.

Billy is an awesome drummer. He and Mickey had something going on for sure. I respect the hard work it takes to be an awesome drummer like him. He's been a big part of the after 95 works as well. I love to watch him going crazy in the DVD/VHS I have.

Thanks Billy!

A dream we dreamed one afternoon long ago...


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