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Going to the shows? Tell us about it...


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Dallas Friends at Small Brewpub

Eager ears await this Texas two step! Some friends heading to the show are meeting at Small Brewpub around lunch to stream Dead, enjoy some drinks, and discuss Alligator > Caution, Sailor > Circumstance, Scarlett > Fire, West LA Fadeaway, Jack Straw, The Other One, El Paso, The Eleven, What's Become of the Baby's connection to the Velvet Underground, the Grateful Dead and VU both playing the famed Dallas venue End of Cole Ave... you get it. If anyone is interested, there will be friends.

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I am waiting for the reviews of concerts!

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@Wrigley Show

You can check out some of the action that went down in Chitown:

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Made it to both shows (sort of). It was great.

Sadly, some chronic medical stuff ended my night early Friday. 4+ hours of driving, half of which was more like parking on Lake Shore, did these old bones in. But a good night's sleep, and a relaxing afternoon wandering Univ of Chicago (aka Hogwarts!) and I made it for the whole show Saturday.

The vibe was great both nights. The band played great. We were up high but still had a great view of stage and screens. It was an awesome time seeing them. Saturday, Oteil seemed to be grinning ear-to-ear the entire show. Can't remember ever seeing someone so happy to be playing.



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So the Free Parking at

So the Free Parking at Cuyahoga Falls was sweet -- it was an extremely relaxed vibe and dead quiet in the middle of the woods -- THANK U < COME AGAIN.


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Blossom bobstephen

Blossom has always been like that.
I lived in Cleveland area 1989 to 2008, caught various shows there. All were pretty much a cluster getting in and out.
From images I saw on line, it looks like the "back way" in has been discovered and was equally clustered as the regular way.
The Dead with Warren Haynes played there in 2004, I think it was, too.

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So I guess my H2 Stretch Limo is S.O.L.then?

It's got the obligatory Stealie....

Enjoy the weekend Graceful and Company

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Parking: don't do it

I would take seriously the guidance from the Wrigley people:

public transportation

The stadium was built into that neighborhood before cars became THE way that everyone got everywhere.

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Unlike when the Dead last played there in the '80s, Blossom was sold out all the way Wednesday night, with a dense slow crowd at the gate following huge traffic & parking delays. Lots of folks missed the first set. If the crowds get much bigger we will be back to what it was like in '95, with disappointed miracle-seekers climbing fences, popping doors, crashing gates. The free stream of the entire show on Nugs was a great idea, under the circumstances, and much appreciated!

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Bobby sang Looks Like Rain. It rained. Then a rainbow appeared.... ( Personal opinion: Dead & Co could take a no cell phones stance like Bob Dylan- the people in the row ahead of me would leap to their feet for a fast number & start shooting video, then when the band played a slow one theyd sit & stare into their laps while texting. I know this is a transitional period for society and their phones but we have to start training people to hang up ocasionally )


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