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We've probably all had them - those dreams where you're having a lovely conversation with Jerry while driving down the road past a forest of purple trees, say. Or you're in this oddly familiar yet not familiar landscape, with the show for the ages going on in the background.

If you dream of the Dead, when you're asleep that is, post here!

And thanks to cosmicbadger for the suggestion!


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we return you to the topic of bona fide dreams about the Dead...

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A Crazy Dream Came To Me

I've had around four dead dreams each month for the past year and a half. They are always intensely vivid and sometimes completely unexpected. Usually these dreams include many dayglo characters and anthropomorphic plants and animals.

Sadly, one of my earliest dead memories is of Uncle Jerry's death. I was 5 years old and my dad took me to a vigil in Balboa Park, San Diego. Generally, all of my dead dreams take place in this park. I am usually with a few close friends walking through the park, drinking beers and telling jokes. In each dream, I hear the solo bridge from Not Fade Away to Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad played exactly like it is on Skull & Roses. This is always a treat for me because that section always sends me into a euphoric state. After recognizing the sounds, my friends and I stumble upon the guys playing in front of a large crowd in an orchestral amphitheater. Everybody is dancing and we join the party.

When I wake up, I'm not disappointed that it didn't actually didn't happen. It's no sunshine daydream, but it is great to know that the dead jump out of my subconscious and into my dream reality. Hey, I must be doing something right. Also, I do get to talk to Phil about playing the bass. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Live a good one. Very cool man.

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You may say I'm a Dreamer

Thus the dream takes on a bizarre quality as images that, normally kept apart, are blended. The dreamer has entered the unconscious mind, and there is synchronicity going on all over the place. -Fred Alan Wolf-The Dreaming Universe: A mind-expanding journey into the realm where psyche and physics meet.
I enjoy seeing the thoughts that arise from the mind of Sometimes the band will take some of these thoughts, find a song that fits, and blast it out to the universe in front of thousands. It's an honor to be part of the dream, God Bless you Furthur

Then please don't be surprized if you find me dreaming too

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Those are some grateful dreams everyone. I can relate... especially PonchoBill's.

I had one a few nights back where Larry Campbell was trying to teach me how to play bass guitar. All I can say (or ask) is; how the heck does Phil do THAT... and why does God hate people named Larry? Sorry to LC... but I'm all thumbs it seems ; - )

Where the heck is Mr. Campbell these daze... does anyone know? I miss him...

"The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you're un-cool." ~ Lester Bangs

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So in my dream I had a phone

So in my dream I had a phone call in France telling me that there was a big Further Festival coming up in the USA and they wanted ME , Cosmic Badger, to organise all the supplementary entertainment (secondary stages and bands, décor, programmes, all that kind of thing). So we cut months forward to the Festival and all appears to be going quite well. Midway through I am summoned to a big meeting to discuss my performance. Phil is there, and Marye and Gypsy Cowgirl and Buddy Plant and they are really nice to me, but there is also a big group of what I can only describe as self-appointed snobby 'Deadhead Aristocracy' and they are being really mean, trashing everything I have done and sending me into a complete panic

Then I wake up!

Insecure? Moi? LOL

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Pamie: A Freudian Analysis:

Vell, in dis story it is interesting to zee dat Pamie's ego & id are clashing and trying to settle for 1/4 of Weir.

You can't get a 1/4 of Weir, Pamie -- take my word for it. My Rx is to use my 12% solution after dinner after evening.

ka.swan (not verified)
a few months ago

i had this dream about Jerry , who was in another dimension , a twilight baren land . He seemed quite glad to be there , roaming with about 30 dogs ! Then he looked at me and said : never give your heart to dogs who can tear it apart ! Had a big grin , then he left .

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yeah I have em'

But it seems when ever I dream about a dead show or any other concert, they are always full of anxiety. There are always obsticles and I always seem to run very slow. It really pisses me off. Sometimes I finally get there and I forget my car keys or something and I have to leave then fight to get back in again. I think the key to it all folks is LUCID dreaming. Cause then anything can happen and YOU are in control.
I'm tired...

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Dancing Terrapins

I had a dream a few weeks ago when I fell asleep listening to Terrapin Station with my headphones on. The dream was not long or detailed, all I can remember is hundreds of upright turtles dancing and turning in synchronization similar to a marching bands form. It is a great mental picture that I will keep forever.

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that's a great one!


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