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What's up in your part of the world? And how did you get into the Dead?

Please make yourselves at home here!


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canada south africa israel

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Good morning rockers!!!!

As many of you may or may not know, I am a bit of a “1971 Dead fanatic”. I have taken on a slightly ambitious project, documenting all 1971 Dead shows, the end result of which I hope will combine numerous “facts/factoids” about shows with recollections of folks who actually attended Dead shows in 1971.

In order to accomplish this, I need the help of the Dead fan community.

ALL contributions will be properly and specifically credited.

If you attended ANY shows in 1971 and have ANY recollections to share, PLEASE consider participating. Please PM me for details.

While of course I’m happy to hear from anybody who attended “classic 71 shows” such as Port Chester, Fillmore East, Harding Theater, Felt Forum, etc., I’m particularly interested in hearing from folks who may have attended lesser known, “out of the way” shows, such as:
1/21/71 Davis
1/22/71 Lane Community College
3/5/71 Oakland
4/14/71 Bucknell
4/18/71 Cortland
6/21/71 Chateau d’Herouville
8/4/71 Terminal Island
10/19/71 Northrop Auditorium
11/11/71 Atlanta
11/17/71 Albuquerque

In addition, if ANYBODY out there has “paper ephemera” related to 1971 shows, Please consider participating. I’m looking especially for:
Newspaper/print media articles
Show posters/handbills
Ticket stubs

Thanks in advance to all who participate and contribute!

Rock on,
Doc Gillespie

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gonz, gonz...

another day, another spambot. Now deleted and consigned to the bit bucket.

lamagonzo (not verified)
Uhhhm, Adrienetn

Your racist remarks don't sit well with me (and others, I'd imagine). Your grammar isn't so hot either. Are you trying to say that deadheads don't have any right to a thread about Africa and that Obama is not intelligent eough to be president because he is black?

On top of that you are slinging some type of snake-oil to lose weight quickly? Guess I'd have to say you think deadheads shouldn't have comments about Africa and you think this is a place fore selling crap.

Offhand, I have to say go fuck a duck, Adrien.

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Some pictures?

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Félicitations mon ami. We are everywhere!

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New African Dead Heads

Well I have done it again. Another building, this time in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Testing the "Duck and Cover" and "Evacuate the Building" alarms (which are really annoying) through the outside speakers. Instead of making everyone in a square kilometer listen to those horrible sirens, tones and wails I plugged in 5/25/77 Richmond VA and went outside for a smoke. I had to laugh when I saw all the local workers planting trees and running the irrigation system dancing to the music with big smiles on their faces. I think they got more work done that day than any other, and considering it was well of 100 degress outside that is saying a lot !

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Circumstances are what they are

My wife finally found her birth mother a few yeas back - in Pretoria. Unfortunatley, she died of cancer before they could establish any kind of a relationship. She wanted to go visit - but I was honestly afraid to travel there - based on stories i'd heard of the white dutch farmers being over-run & their property taken - simply because they were white - and rampant violence. Her mother and father were greatly restricted in terms of what they could take out of the country, if they chose to leave - and what they had was taken away when they stayed. To my wife's credit, she said that it's like that all over the world - there are places you dare not go, even in Baltimore Maryland, but that doesn't mean it's not safe to come here. Still, it's not a race thing - but a cultural thing - while I would love to visit there, I don't think it makes sense to go when there's so much upheaval and animosity. Her half sister lives in Australia now, and hopefully they can come here some day - but I don't think they;ll be going back to Africa any time soon. sad.

lamagonzo (not verified)
Sorry Parch

Way to personal/inappropriate. What I was reacting to was the tone. Africa is a poor place and the way we walk through there should be in sympathy with the general ambience of the area. I don't know of many people who travel to Africa with a Playstation 3 with a camera eye.

I had a friend who was traveling in Africa. Some place like Rwanda I think. There was a lot of violence in the general area so his group of backpackers thought to sleep in the most safe place, a clearing near the local police station. They were awoken in the middle of the night by a mob of people who ran directly through their campsite and stormed the police station. They killed all the police and burned the place down but left the backpackers completely alone.

I would love to know if there is some place in the remote jungle of Cameroon where the natives are listening to old bootleg GD tapes while tripping the light fantastik on the local brew... Probably not. The reality of their lives is so different from ours. But the band did some shows in Eqypt so it's possible. Much stranger things have happened.

My only point is that I wouldn't go someplace so radically different and techno-trip over the local people, which is what we seem to do with our culture. I wouldn't. I don't think it's respectful. And that has nothing to do with the stupid comment I made, sorry.

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lamagonzo . . . huh??

I don't understand. I was just giving migrating advice based upon my experiences aborad. Specifically - Honduras. In Honduras, if there's a hurricane you have to GET OUT and move to safer territory until the storm passes.

It's really a quite comfortable arangement if you handle it intelligently. Don't forget to travel light. I was very comfortable in Honduras with the knowledge that migration would be easy if it became necessary to do it . . . and the women had different clothing than America which emphasized their backs a lot. Most backs were bare - and I don't mean butts - I mean backs. I found it most stimulating.

Er . . . my advice is sound as a dollar pound. Be thou Buddhistlike and be prepared to stick to life's essentials.


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