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How about

When The Goalie Gets Saved By The Puck, or even Peg-TO?

Sorry, just an intruding Yank here...

Conversation is always more interesting than recitation, so speak your mind and not someone else's.

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CanDead Humour Redux

Hello Cats,

Hosers on the Way/Slip Ice/CN Tower


Loon Song

PEI's of the Potatoes

Tar Sands in a Bucket

Dire Moose

Box of Snow

Brokendown Parliament

Trans Canada Railway Boogie

Snowforts of My Life

:) -------------later dreamers...............

Playing in the Tower with Eyes on Fire in El Paso with a Cat

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CanDead humour

Thanks for tuning in, DeadReckoning. Welcome! NB is a great place - fun and lively folk! Don't know about Ophir cuz we're veggies...

I WISH I could go to Shea's in Buffalo - an amazing venue by all reports. Some of my high school buddies are going. Let me know if you need to carpool, Chris.

Love the jokes - Mississauga 1/2step and CN tower are my faves =), especially cuz my partner commutes to Mississauga...

How about:
Beat It On Down 7th Line
Freezy Fingers
Diavik Diamond Blues

and Alaberta Getaway could also be
Athabaska Getaway

Love you guys! Ciao

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old but still funny to me....i need more

As with all things USA we must convert to Canadian !!!

Km/Hr = Kanadian miles per hour

Maple Sugar Magnolia>

Mississauga 1/2 Step>

Traffic Jam>

Alaberta Getaway>

Help On The Way > Slipknot > CN Tower

Jaques Straw from Ottawa>

Snow Many Roads>

(Stephen) Harpers Farm

I posted these a few years ago...They are a bit cheesey...


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Buffalo Furthur

anyone going ???

Joined: Jun 14 2007
Nice Tuque eh!


While I'm mostly Yooper in spirit my better half is Canadian.....roots in New Brunswick.....though unfortunately Mum decided to live in the states many years ago. Seems I always gravitate towards living as close to the border as I can.....Northern Michigan, Montana, Washington State.
Anyways, back in the day, the Bro and I had tickets for the Toronto shows following the last shows in Chicago.......wheels fell off the bus, wasn't meant to be. But have had many fine adventures in the Northern Lands & in particular the pig-roast-turned-hempfest in Ophir, Ontario circa 2000 (anyone know if that's still going on?).

Love my Canadian Brothers & Sisters. They are some of the kindest souls you'll meet on this planet.


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/\ Agreed. Westside, you

/\ Agreed.

Westside, you are one of the fortunate ones who experienced this miracle from a seed.
I live those years through coffee table books :(

And look at the music industry today, lead by people like simon cowell etc. sad. I do my part by keeping the music of days gone by spinning away on a regular basis.

I am just about to pour a glass of red and throw on Merle and Jerry's Keystone album. What a great sounding band. Scored some heady grass too... :P

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dead head of bc

howdy to all and happy new year we should all get to know each other and i can be reached at i'm a friend of the band since 65 in marin and attended tooo many shows but still live to enjoy their music...deadicated? write me aloha dusty akers okanagan valley bc

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Hello All, I am glad to

Hello All,

I am glad to have found this forum.

Peace and a Happy New Years from the nations capital.
I got into the dead in the late 80's, saw them a couple times in the early 90's during the mega dead era and really missed the golden years.

I own some stuff (cabinet ect) from the wall of sound. Its like a shrine in my home studio... lol

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CKLN's live GD show

Anyone who lived in the Toronto area in the mid- to late-80's might remember CKLN's Live Dead Orgy show, which broadcasted an entire Dead or Garcia concert. It was late at night, once a month. It was hosted by somebody named Rob, and he even made a point of making breaks so that you could stop your tape and switch sides and cassettes at just the right time. For those of us just getting on the bus for the first time, it was a great way to start one's concert recording collection - I got my first soundboards this way. Standouts for me were:

*Getting the Kingswood '87 soundboard just a couple weeks after the show, which was quite a feat in the days when you had to get your Dead concert recordings on cassette tapes in the mail.

*The April '71 final night of Filmore East recording, with a scorching "Hard to Handle": the best one I've ever heard and still one of my all-time favourite GD moments.

*A fantastic yet inexplicably seldom-remarked upon 12/12/78 Miami show - one of the best Franklin's Towers you'll ever hear.

*One of the Garcia/Kahn acoustic duo shows in early '86. Garcia's health was obviously frail in that coma year, but this show really highlighted the symbiosis between his voice and guitar picking, and revealed how much Americana roots figured in his style - this was before wikipedia could inform one of such things - you had to figure it out for yourself.

I lived a bit north of downtown, so once a month friends and I would cluster up on my rooftop trying to get the best signal with my boombox rabbit ears, until we found out that you could get radio signals through coaxial TV cable.

Anyway, no real point to this, other than to reminisce and give a shout-out to Rob, whoever and wherever you are. Thanks for your hard work - you may not appreciated it in your CKLN studio late at night, but it was much appreciated you helped put a few of us on the right path.


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