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lamagonzo (not verified)
just kidding, gringo...

let the good times roll!

~ Aiko - Aiko all day! ~

lamagonzo (not verified)
Well, in Belize,

We are of a like-minded commnunity, but we like to to feed on the gringos, Santamaria style,,,
pm me if you are in interested in the letting.

Joined: Aug 24 2010
Hello fellow travelers, Ive

Hello fellow travelers,
Ive been considering a sabbatical to central or south america. I am intrested in finding a community where i can get a monthly or yearly rental home. Im hopin to recieve feed back from yall as to where i should look. im intrested in an area near beaches, not too far from a major city, in a safe area, and last but not least in a like minded comunity. It would be great to hear back from any of you who are aware of a kind comunity i might fit into where there might be other tour folks. I appreiciate any and all feedback.

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Joined: Jun 11 2007

Currently here for a few weeks working and wandering around Montevideo. Nothing like walking along the boardwalk by the river listening to the Dead

Joined: Jul 29 2008
Canadian Head living in Montevideo Uruguay

If anyone is ever down this way drop me a line

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Joined: Feb 16 2010

There are many latin american deadheads baby....Magical Realism and Jerry Garcia go hand in hand!!!! Bueno!!

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Joined: Jun 8 2007
Spanish Deadhead Radio

Hola Brothers, cada viernes realizo el programa "Estación Terrapin",, de dos horas, en la emisora , 9:00h a 11:00h AM Costa Oeste USA. o visita para escuchar los podcast de cada programa.
Un abrazo.
music never stopped..

Joined: May 11 2009
retired in Costa Rica

Have been living in Costa Rica(Jaco area) for over a year and have over 1,000 tapes
and 50 cds(1965 to Jerry s last show plus Other Ones, Phil & Friends, Ratdog and tons of
live Classic Rock.)
Looking for other heads to share the tunes and beauty of CR.
Currently living in a new house on two hectares of unspoiled, virgin rainforest
Drop me a line to meet a truly grateful Head. Gracias!
Peace & Good Jams,

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Joined: Apr 6 2008
Hola deadheads

hola mi nombre es juan y soy de argentina
soy MUY fanatico de todo lo relacionado a los dead
si queres hablar mandame un mail, agregame al msn, o mandeme un mensaje privado, lo que sea
espero que gente buena onda y fanatica de esta la mejor banda del mundo este interesada en hablar conmigo

mando un fuerte abrazo y espero encontrar algun otro deadhead latinoamericano

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Joined: Jul 25 2007
Desde Guatemala


I have a nice spread down in Guatemala. Out in the Motagua Valley 124 km east of Guatemala City.
Presently, I am looking to make something special here called, "Oasis Monte Grande". There are beautiful views of the Sierra de Las Minas and the Sierra Jalapa. The Motagua river flows nearby. It will take some time and money to make this dream come true.
All good things in all good time.


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