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This topic was inspired by the fact that I didn't have anyplace to post about the upcoming Branford at Stanford show except Best Shows by Other Bands, which is about PAST shows....


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CHAMPLIN back on the scene people!!!

As if he ever left....huge sons fans.
Anyhoo, new Champlin solo record coming out next week. Gonna catch him on tour anyone else interested in goin? Downloaded a couple tracks...stellar stuff!!!

Can't lose touch with the legends! Play that Hammond sucka!

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I don't think I've ever seen the legendary Larry Carlton in real life. Have a great time!

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Steely Dan

Steely Dan is starting their annual Beacon Theatre run. I wasn't planning on attending this year as the concept of playing an entire album or taking internet requests seemed a bit hokey, especially for Donald and Walter, and the prices are quite steep.

Then I found out that the great Larry Carlton will be joining the Dan for a few shows. This, I could not miss and will be going Friday night to see The Royal Scam with Larry Carlton playing his famous solos from the album. Dont miss this if you get the chance.

Other than the Dead, Steely Dan was my favorite band growing up in the 70s because their studio albums are masterpieces, although they never toured. Kind of like the "anti-Grateful Dead." Its ironic that they are still around touring these days.

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Jerry Day 2009

Jerry Day 2009
Sunday August 2nd - noon to 6pm, FREE

In celebration of Jerry's Birthday, and held in his teenage neighborhood at the Jerry Garcia Amphitheatre in McLaren Park

Melvin Seals and JGB Band featuring Stu Allen
Stu Allen & Friends
Loco Bloco
Check Engine Light, featuring Tiff Garcia and friends

Hope to see you all there...

Joined: Apr 26 2009
Northern California JGB Band

JGB Band with Stu Allen and Melvin Seals playin a few gigs in norcal in late may. Redwood City, Sacramento, and Truckee. Oh and one in Felton I think at Don Qixote's. I believe they're on tour now elsewhere but not sure.

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Strangefeather - Awesome San Fran Band

San Francisco based band thats been following the 2009 spring tour in a 1964 IH schoolie
They have been playing the lots. I caught them at the Greensboro, East Rutherford, and Philly shows. If you want to catch a great set they will be in shake down until the show starts. Awesome!

check them out @ or search for strangefeather (all one word)

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Here is the list

04-29-2009, Qwest Center, Omaha, Nebraska
Neil Young & His Electric Band

Mr. Soul
When You Dance I Can Really Love
Fuel Line
Are You Ready For The Country?
When Worlds Collide
Spirit Road
Change Your Mind
Cinnamon Girl
Mother Earth
The Needle And The Damage Done
Light A Candle
Unknown Legend
Heart Of Gold
Old Man
Speakin' Out
Tonight's The Night
Down By The River
Get Behind The Wheel
Just Singing A Song
Encore: A Day In The Life


Tour : 2009 Continental Tour - Canada and US
Band :
Neil Young - guitar, harmonica, pump organ, vocals
Ben Keith - pedal steel, lap steel, guitar, organ, background vocals
Rick Rosas - bass
Chad Cromwell - drums
Pegi Young - background vocals, vibraphone, piano, guitar
Anthony Crawford - background vocals, piano, guitar, bells
Larry Cragg - banjo

What fun, and with Denver is next week ;o}!
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May 1, 2 Philly Aftershows w/ Rob Wasserman, Jay Lane in B.O.B.!

Band Of Brotherz is playing more afterparties - this time in Philly (May 1st and 2nd).
Featuring Rob Wasserman and Jay Lane!
Check out their site!

Facebook RSVP

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Neil Young in Omaha tonight

Was simply unbefuckinliveable !
This was a 'make-up show' for a show that was canceled last November. Neil said "some rocket scientist booked us here on election day". So Neil showed up tonight to make up for it. And wow, did he ever. First a band called Everest played and they were acceptable. Then the Neville Bros just tore it up for about 8 songs. I must catch them as headliners to get a longer set. Just tremendous.
Then Neil, first song out of the gate Mr. Soul, then When You Dance, and it just went on and on and on, new stuff like Fuel Line, Light a Candle, Mother Earth, Spirit Road, interspersed with Pochahontas & Me, Tonight's the Night, Cinnamin Girl, a scathing 20 minute Down By the River. His guitar-work and vocals are as good as I have ever heard from Neil. In the middle of his electric onslaught he picks up the acoustic and the band leaves and we get "Needle and the Damage Done" then Ben Keith and the band come back and treat us to 'Old Man' and 'Heart of Gold' complete with Ben's ethereal pedal steel guitar work.
There were about a dozen other songs, old and new that I can't recall.
BUT for the encore Neil and his band played a stratospheric "Day in the Life" and shreds his guitar with feedback breaking every string on that crescendo in that Beatles tune. It was masterful, incredible, Neil's a guitar hero of the highest order, no shit, it was that amazing. Don't miss Neil Young if he is coming anywhere that you can get to. I was floored.
And next week I get to see THE DEAD ;o}
and then I rest up for July and the 10klakefest with Widespread Panic, DMB, Wilco and many others. This is gonna be wonderful.

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Crystal Journey in Concert During the Dead's Tour..

From Canada, Crystal Journey and the Art of Eden Martin performing with Quartz Crystal Bowls, Paiste Planet Gongs and Vibraphone. If you like what Mickey is creating you will love this. Eden captures the show in color and most night's looks like the space nebula the music is sounding like. Here are the remaining dates left before we head back to Canada, if you would like a free download e- mail me at

05/02/09 7:00 pm Foster, RI One Yoga Center Foster Market Place 142A Danielson Pike. 401-368-YOGA (9642) for tickets

05/03/09 07:00 pm Wellfleet, Mass, Quiet Mind Studio, Inc. 95 Commercial St..(508) 349-2429 for tickets

05/05/09 7:00 pm Lanesville, Mass, St Paul's Lutheran Church 1123 Washigton St. John 978 281 4299 for tickets

05/06/09 7:00 pm Windham, ME, Unity Church 54 River Rd.207-893-0984 for tickets

05/07/09 7:00 pm Kittery, ME, Ocean Spirit Yoga 8 Prince Ave. 603-231-9757 for tickets

05/08/09 7:00 pm Portland, ME, WholeHeart Yoga Center 150 St. John St. 207-871-8274 for tickets

05/09/09 07:00 pm Brunswick, ME, Frontier Cafe, Cinema & Gallery 14 Maine St - Fort Andross. (207) 725-5222 for tickets. Show sponsored by Jai Yoga


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Don't Miss: Upcoming Shows by Other Bands and Artists