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The tour that inspired "Might As Well."

Somebody posted that one of the stops on this tour was his first show. I am so envious.

The movie is now out on DVD, and let's just say, you'll laugh, you'll cry, but you should not on any account miss this.


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Gramless Music

>>The Flying Burrito Brothers performs well even though there's no Gram Parsons (it could sound strange, but I prefer the post-Parsons lineup). <<

Doesn't sound strange to ME. Gram was such a powerful presence that they almost seemed like his back-up band. Without him, the rest of the talent got the spotlight....and they sure filled it!

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Buddy Guy....

I am watching this again tonight here on my night shift....

I notice the first song they show Buddy Guy playing ...
" Your love gives me such a thrill.... but your love doesn't pay the bills...."

In light of the protests for the festival being free instead of paid.... this makes a lot of sense. :)

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Great Movie!!!

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I like their instrumental (the first performance in Calgary). It's called "Traditional Country Song".

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Great show

I fully agree with Thats_Otis.
The Flying Burrito Brothers performs well even though there's no Gram Parsons (it could sound strange, but I prefer the post-Parsons lineup). Chris Hillman on bass rocks!
The Dead's performance of "New Speedway Boogie" and "Don't Ease Me In" are great!
I also like Sha Na Na's performance of "Rock 'n' Roll Is Here To Stay" and The Band.
Gotta love when on the train Bob Weir plays his guitar with strange facial expressions :-)

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Buddy Guy...

Am I the only one that feels like the footage of Buddy Guy is a little strange? For starters, it sounds like he is terribly out of tune (at least to these ears.) Also, I find his playing very sloppy and lackluster, something I know Guy's guitar work is NOT. Second, he walks off the stage and spends the majority of his solo playing either with his back to the crowd or away from them all together. (My memory may be a little foggy on this, but I seem to remember him actually going behind the stage so that the majority of the crowd (the 99%) couldn't see him at all.) What I do remember is that everytime I have watched that scene, I wonder why Buddy Guy is so pissed off at the crowd. To me, his actions seem angry and aggressive and suggest that he really didn't care about playing for the people of Canada... maybe he had an experience that really upset him? Of course, I am probably reading into this too much, as I have been known to do while under the spell of such an awesome movie experience, but it's what I see. Interested to hear any comments and thoughts ya'll may have. (BTW - The Burrito Brothers DESTROY in this! Even without ol' Gram!)

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Absolutely, "Ain't No More

Absolutely, "Ain't No More Cane" takes it for best scene. Sometimes I just watch this part for a quick smile! My next favorite is easily "The Weight". I used to think of this as sort of a forlorn, wishful song, but this performance changed my whole perception of it. I love the gritty, forceful, almost aggressive vocals, not to menion Danko's awesome facial expressions and kinda overly-pronounced words during vocals. What a character!

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Saw this Instantly on Netflix

Man, was I ever blown away! It was so melodic and powerful; really took me back in time. I swear I caught a contact high! We're fortunate what film exists will now, hopefully, be preserved for our posterity to enjoyl. That week riding the rails across Canada must have been one sensational trip! Seeing Janis so relaxed, natural and seemingly carefree was great too. All in all, it was bittersweet--so many of these great artists no longer play at this venue of ours anymore. Hope we manage to score tickets for their next BIG gig together--you know, the Reunion Show with all the encores and curtain calls. Nobody will be pushing for the EXIT or in a hurry to get home from there.

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This was really a wonderful

This was really a wonderful movie. Hey, im only 14 but heck I stayed and watched the whole thing!!
Best movie ever!!!! :)

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in the case of Festival Express

it is NOT a Grateful Dead production (hey, neither is Woodstock...) and one of the main reasons the release was delayed and the result is so fragmentary is that the promoters, while they treated the performers like gods, stiffed the crew bigtime, with the results that the camera guys ran off with the reels. It's something of a miracle that this was rescued at all; as I understand it the reels that were salvaged represent about a third of what was shot.

This is, of course, an oversimplification. But it is simply inaccurate to assert that the footage is in the GD vaults or that Rhino Records has jack to do with the whole thing. It's not even in the Store. And, as asserted above, while the Canadian National Film Board may have a full set, the Grateful Dead sure don't.

Hell, the Dead don't even get top billing on this. And they sure didn't call the tune.

It's still great.


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Festival Express