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Filling the Big Shoes...

By suggestion: so, the surviving members reunite. Who should be on lead guitar and why?


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Objectively Thinking

I agree with your thinking and values ,but who do you think can replace Jerry?
We all know that answer.
So who would you use as a replacement?

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Has something there. Hank Williams jr., brought his Father back to life!!! Nice thought but the spontinaitey just wouldn't be there. 1 song every show would be killer though!!!!

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JK from DSO would have been a better choice

Warren, though a very talented technical guitarist (the world is full of them) lacks the understanding of melody and composition that Jerry had. Every time I've seen him I am left with the impression that "it's all about him".

The surviving members are making a mistake by not embracing the Jerry sound. This, imho is the reason why lots of fans are turned off by the post Jerry sound. P&F and Ratdog are not even close to the GD experience. Why should this current line up be any better than seeing P&F or Ratdog? Let's face it, there would have been no GD without Jerry and I appreciate that the surviving 4 have the good sense to call this The Dead and not the Grateful Dead which would have tarnished their reputation much more than Jerry's decline in his last years ever did.

Instead of running away from Jerry's sound, which is the only reason they are able to have a tour in the first place, they should do their best to embrace it. While they are all talented musicians in their own right one has to wonder if their names would even be remotely familliar to us now if there had never been a Jerry Garcia.

I am sorry, if you don't agree with my opinions here and I will respect your own opinions on this matter but I felt it was worth saying.

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Warren rocks and although he is much different than Jerry he brings his own aura with him that is a pretty cool presence in its own right.

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This summer at Red Rocks was the first time I got to see/hear Mark Karan and Rat Dog play. The set list was to my surprise a lot of Jerry tunes and I was blown away by his playing. He gets my vote. Derek and Warren totally rocked as well. And I'll risk sharing an insane thought I've had that with all the technology, lasers etc. that exists couldn't Jerry still play with the band? Maybe for one song at least like say for an Eyes of the World 2nd set?

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Mark & Jackie

I could see that combo - they were great together at the February 2008 Obama gig.

But I think Mark would do just fie as the sole lead guitarist.

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I'm sticking

with my prior suggestion in another thread, for both Jackie Greene and Mark Karan.

Reason #1: Dem shoes too big for one pair of feet to fill

Reason #2: The February DFO show seems compelling evidence. Jackie does an admirable job with the Jerry-sung songs and isn't half bad on guitar. Mark, to me, plays from a similar space to earlier Jerry, and, well, that's my preferred era.

Looking forward to seeing others preferences as well. I bet we can fill this thread up pretty quick.

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Joe Walsh

... um, YMMV...

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Mark Knopfler

I have long thought it would be good to hear him play with the boys, especially on the Hunter-Garcia tunes. Different from Jerry for sure (in singing voice too!), but a fine player with a similar sense of melody and timing, who could shed new light on those songs and also stay true to them.

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Eric Clapton would always get my vote.....don't think he needs ANY kind of explanation.....:)))) Gypsy Cowgirl


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Filling the Big Shoes...