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Folks, as some of you may have noticed, we've lost about a dozen of the last 24 hours, between late last night and late this morning.

What seems to have happened is this: late last night there was a hardware upgrade, and when the system was restored, for reasons unknown, it was restored from a backup from several days ago. When our intrepid tech crew came to work this morning they realized something had gone deeply wrong and re-restored the system from last night's backup, since which time all has been running fine, but all the comments made in the interval when the wrong version was running were lost in the transition.

The bad news is that there is apparently no safe way to re-integrate the posts made during that interval with the current ones.

We apologize profusely for this and are trying to find out why this happened so we can ensure it doesn't happen again. Meanwhile, our best advice is to go ahead and re-post whatever you may have posted between about 11 last night and 11 this morning (Pacific), with particular attention to matters like tickets offered or wanted, vine signups, etc.

Thank you. Team


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thanks for all the hard work to keep us binded

With the tour starting and everything, this will keep us kids close and safe. Thank you for making it happen...

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Thanks for the explanations marye and frogstorm

some freaky things should be par for the course on a grateful dead forum anyhow, eh? :-) reminding us that technologically advanced as we are, cosmic quirks still part of life. THANK GOODNESS!
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So, a little Billy Pilgrim and

his Tralthamadorian time jumping? Hey, I want to pick when
I want to jump back (a couple shows I want to revisit!)

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No worries!

But it was weird! It affected the inboxes too so just be aware.

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by the time

you posted, my missing messages had re-appeared.......thanx for all yer efforts too!!!

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Thanks Mary

Many apologies to all those inconvenienced by this glitch. The good news is, the hardware update was done to address some performance issues that had been plaguing us the last couple of weeks. We were in need of an upgrade and we got it - so things should be configured nicely for the months ahead (knocking on compressed wood desk).



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