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By excellent suggestion, this topic is a place for the folks who are planting and cultivating the various vines to say hi and talk amongst themselves!


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I realize it's totally unrelated to anything, but no way in hell is anything on the WA side of the Columbia a bedroom community SE of Portland. I think your compass got dosed.

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by request

this has been moved from the obscure corner of cyberspace where it had seemingly migrated to the Vineyard, where it belongs!

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forget what I was looking for...

but came across this thread

^ threads are we called it on another board - back in the day...

try to ignore the title - but this is a little trip thru the vineyard history

I read most of this newest to oldest - but will recommend that you read it oldest to newest
but doesn't really matter

Has it been 5 years?

Note: I have PM'd Marye to see if this can be moved to the vineyard
and now notice that the title actually makes sense (it was a stray vine before).

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Bring it on

Bring it on Lopezz!!!!!!!

May the Four Winds Blow You Safely Home... I Miss Jerry

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Yes Indeed !!

That would be great if you could start that vine, Lopezz...
You're too good to us !

Good to know you got shoes to wear when you find the floor.

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Dead/Beetles ..

The Grateful Dead has always put an interesting twist on Beetles tunes , that would be wonderful to listen to Lopezz !! some of the songs posted I never heard the GD do , so yes vine away !! And Thank you !!!

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Any Beatles fans?

I've got a cool compilation of the Grateful Dead singing Beatles songs. Most of you might already have these in one form or another. If anybody wants them -all together now- I could vine them.

GD Grateful Dead
JGB Jerry Garcia Band
PLQ Phil Lesh Quartet or Phil Lesh & Friends

Disc 1
Day Tripper -GD- 1985-06-25
Come Together -The Dead- 2003-07-07
Eleanor Rigby Jam -JGB - 1980-02-12
Tomorrow Never Knows -GD- 1994-11-29
Blackbird -Ratdog- 1999-11-09
Get Back -PLQ- 2000-10-16
Why Don't We Do It In The Road -GD- 1985-04-07
Hey Jude -GD - 1990-03-22
Strawberry Fields Forever -PLQ- 2002-08-03
Rain -GD- 1994-10-09

Disc 2
Revolution -GD- 1985-07-02
She Said -The Dead- 2003-07-07
Dear Prudence- Reconstruction- 1979-07-08
I Am The Walrus -PLQ- 2002-09-01
I Want To Tell You -JGB- 1987-03-08
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds -GD- 1995-03-17
All Too Much -GD- 1995-03-26
While My Guitar Gently Weeps- PLQ- 2001-11-30

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There are some posts about the three shows on the Dead To Tour In Spring Vine. You may want to check them out and maybe re-post your comments there.

I also went to all three venues and had a blast. In my opinion, I thought Warren was a little tentative and really began to open up during Eyes at the Roseland, where they finished with a flourish--Eyes>St. Stephen>Dark Star>Sugar Mag. Encore: Not Fade Away

I totally agree with you about the first two venues being great, but i thought the band had more energy at Roseland.

All in all a wonderful experience.
"One watch by night, one watch by day
If you get confused, listen to the music play"

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3/30/09 NYC Shows: set 3

The final set of the "Taxi Tour" was performed at the Roseland Ballroom in midtown. We helped a few out of town Heads navigate the subway. Unlike the other two venues, this was not so intimate, but still held only a few thousand people. We'd already gotten our closeups of the band, so we decided to stay back and let others fight for the prime stagefront vantage points. We continued imbibing cold beverages (Guinness at Gramercy, Beck's here as it was the best they had). I figured the band would be tired at this point, having performed on The View that morning and two sets already this evening, but it didn't show. A hot Althea opened the show, followed by rocking Cassidy. Uncle John's Band and Eyes of the World were well-played, but the highlight here was the St. Stephen > Dark Star. The band really stretched out on both of these primal Dead tunes. At this point I noticed two things: (1) Warren's singing reminded me of Brent's (a VERY good thing) and (2) my friend was more than a little drunk (a not so good thing). We had had a long day, so I walked him home (he lives conveniently around the corner from Roseland) and missed the final couple songs (Sugar Magnolia, NFA I believe). All in all a highly enoyable evening, with the first two sets being the most fun, probably because of the intimate settings, and the acoustic set perhaps being the best of all. Thanks again Marye/Rhino/Dead!!!

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thanks for sharing with us. The next best thing to being there (until we get copies of the shows).

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