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Forgot to add this back to

Forgot to add this back to everyone, this is what I am listening to at this minute

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Happy Birthday Brother.

Happy Birthday Brother. Thank you for the energy that you offer to the world. Today we celebrate you!

Building your family one festival at a time.

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And a big Happy Birthday

to Mickey, on the anniversary of one of the more life-changing shows in my life.

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Rock the boat

Right on Hart! Conservative conformism is death to an artist and creativity. Frankly, it is death to an evolving society. Play and write what you feel. Those that don't like it or take offense can split, change the channel, hit the off button, etc, etc.. Expand. Open. Stretch sat down with drummer Mickey Hart before the band's Long Island show. Hart, 65, told us about the reunion, why this President is different from the last, and how drumming might one day cure Alzheimer's.

Interview here.

(posted edited due to containing text of copyrighted interview. Please just post links. Thank you. ME the mod.)

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So what exactly did Mickey do dpito? Was it during the show? Not having been there it is hard to understand what the problem is. Can you explain. Thanks.

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Mickey's political commentary.

I am a HUGE Mickey fan. With that said, I must call him out on the immoral things he's done with his pre-recorded tracks this tour. I believe that it is generally agreed that it is wrong to take a public figure's comments and splice them together in such a way as to make it appear that they were saying precisely the opposite of their true intent, which is exactly what Mr. Hart did on 4/26 in Worcester (you'd all be pissed if done to President Obama.). Mickey, If you read these boards, then I ask if you would appreciate someone doing the same to you. In addition, please understand that you have conservative fans as well, and most of us are decent human beings who want the best for our communities and country, and we do not appreciate being called arrogant racists. You do not know me, and I doubt you would even take a minute to try to understant my views. Please stop treating a not insignificant number of your fans like crap. Thank you.

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Here's the link.
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The Volcano at the Mirage Hotel Casino

Mickey Hart was on the local news this morning, KTVK 3 in Phoenix. He was standing in front of the new volcano at the Mirage in Las Vegas. Mickey and Zakir Hussien are in Vegas for the grand opening tonight. The reporter wasn't clear about Mickey's involvement in the sound production for the installation. Mickey talked about his and Zakir's shared interest in volcanoes and he described the project as one of the "Seven Sonic Wonders of the World".
Also, he hinted at the possibility of the band doing a tour next year. "Once around the carousel". Sounds good to me.

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Might this be the band you

Might this be the band you are after - fusion?

BTW, Big FAN.... The Northeast (PA) diggs drum as well.
We miss you out here Mickey.

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I'm searching for

I'm searching for a name of the band that MIckey played in with Merle Saunders, Jim Mc pherson and Bobby Vega in the 80's. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Mickey Hart