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This is somewhat inspired by KennyTarr's posts about his animated videos based on Dead songs.


If the band's work has inspired you to go out and make some art of your own, tell us about it here.


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Terrapin Station Suite

This is the complete suite with previously unheard lyrics.

Enjoy and thanks for listening!

Peace, August

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The AXIS Guitar Reef Magic STAR Wheel 7key `/`/ith SNOOPY as Flying ace Forms Edge of reefer 7 star * fiddle various strata ^ primo '

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Various Strata timeless Grateful*Dead stand on the magic reef... Is any you GD wanting to trip with yore fearless leader primo and pull off music's world overthrow ~now ^

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The Mourner Rose.

There are quite a few dedications to be going out for this guitar but
....I will save the last word for Jen Woods, of Baltimore
whom I met while squatting in GGP 1996.....and whom has passed from this Earth
without a trace.

I can't believe I haven't seen this guitar somewhere else but ...anyway
I give you The Mourner Rose, after the Dead Can Dance song....
She could spin on the tips of her combat boots.

If you have seen one like this before.. I don't want to know about it.
Copy it if you like. This one is mine tho.
; )

r.i.p. Jen
Don't Fade Away, Love.

S.F. Catz & Dawgz 4ever

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Wharf Rat

whew...I figured I'd post 5 at a here is the 5th one

A trifle called Wharf Rat

I have a more serious Wharf Rat animated feature in development but I wanted to make this...I originally thought that my plot for this short film was the actual plot for this song...

anyway, here is the sci fi horror spoof, Wharf Rat It stars Johnny Depp as the infamous August West, Wharf Rat and features Marilyn Monroe as the villainess.

If you have seen all of these videos and are interested in more information, etc., please email me at kenny.tarr@yahoo,com or message me here. I am developing a new form of animation for the purpose of launching an individually-owned movie studio. It is already open. I want all you deadheads in my corner because if it werent for them I wouldn't have wanted to do this.

Their stories are great but I have 1000s inspired by them and look forward to entertaining the world on a massive scale.

I will premiere West LA Fadeaway, Touch Of Grey and Candyman in the days ahead. Thanks for watching my quintuple-feature. Which movie wins best picture among My Brother Esau, Althea, Wharf Rat, Me & My Uncle or Mississippi Half Step. Please post or send me your favorite one! Love you all!

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Mississippi Half Step

Please comment if you would like to!

A whole movie in 2 minutes for your grateful dead enjoying pleasure.

Kenny Tarr

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Althea this is my short film of Althea.

It is 3 minutes and is loosely based on Jerry Garcia's life in the 1980s. It is a black-comedy romance if I had to describe it. Made by me, Kenny Tarr Studios. This song has always inspired me and there is more to be done with this great story. I wanted to encompass a lot with this one and it is definitely bizarre.

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My Brother Esau

Here is the epic story of My Brother Esau presented as a short film

Please enjoy and comment. I would love to hear people's thoughts!

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Hi...Thanks Marye! are the best

Needless to say I put a lot of thought into these videos and short films....not much time remarkably, but a whole lifetime of dead listening.

I will make a post for each one but here is a music video/short film called

Me & My Uncle

Mainly a comedy as you can see. Maybe that might leave some of you speechless. Please post and let me know what you think. I am Kenny Tarr owner of Kenny Tarr Studios and all of this content plus more is on my youtube channel, 50% of it dead-related.

To suggest songs, ideas, creations or talk at all email me on this or at I am the only person that works for myself and will answer everything and will always answer everything. Same when the studio is producing live action work and competing with Hollywood.

"Uncle Ronny's The Best At, Uh, Makin' Tracks Across The Country"

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Step stool

More "craft" than "art", though my pal Art may disagree. My lovely wife painted and decoupaged it with Dead iconography...birthday gift last year. I'd show it to you, but I don't have one of them dang fancy digital cameras. Let me say that beyond the obvious stuff that you can see from a few feet away, there are little surprises in every nook, cranny (what exactly is a cranny, anyway?), and corner that you'd care to examine. I love it!

It sits in GOGD corner of my den along with what I think of as the Sunshine Daydream candelabra that she also painted....


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