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We have many folks here who got into the Dead fairly recently. Among them is BobbaLee, who suggested this topic:

"Well I'm a true DH newbie All of my spare money goes to DPs and Vault ! I appreciate all of the work you have put into this how about a "Newbie" thread? I don't have the vast knowledge so many fans have and it would be fun to talk with other people that just discovered the GD."

He's right, you know. New folks, here's your own little corner, though we geezers will probably stop in now and then...


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Joined: May 26 2007
hey, welcome!

nice to have you here with us.

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Another Bus Rider.....

I everyone.

I guess I'm somewhat new on the bus but not really....

My fascination with the Dead and their music has really been enhanced in the last year or so by listening the Sirius XM Grateful Dead Channel.

I was lucky to see the Dead 3 times. I got into the Dead in 1987. I had a friend at the time who was a real Deadhead. I was more into Hendrix, the Stones, Pink Floyd and such. He talked me into going to my first show. To be honest, prior to that I didn't know what all the fuss was about.

My first Dead album was Skeleton's in the Closet. I was pretty young and the album didn't hook me. I didn't get the country angle then and my musical vocabulary was quite limited.

My friend turned me on to "Blues for Allah" and "Terrapin Station". Those grabbed me more and the live shows hooked me.

I was in college in the early 90's so I was pretty broke and didn't hit any shows for a while. I was doing a college radio show and one of my shows was a late 60's psychedelic show (of which the Dead were in the rotation of course).

My show was a free from psychedelic show that could go from Syd Barrett to live Hendrix to well anywhere I wanted to go.

All of us college Dee Jay's were friends. There was also a Dead Show at the station. One night one of the Dead Dee Jay's asked me to run the show for him because he was going out of town. Cool, I thought....

That turned out to be the week Jerry passed. I suddenly felt very uncomfortable but did my best to cobble together a fitting "tribute" show that week. It was a surreal experience. The listeners said I did a good job even though I was just a substitute Dee Jay.

I went through another Dead phase in 2000 when I got married for the first time. We listened to the Dead all the way up to Reno for one of those overnight marriages. unfortunately the marriage didn't take but we had fun and I got a son out of the deal.

I think the Dead were very wise to let the fans record all those shows. It really keeps the legacy alive. I think of other old bands I like and it's like you got the same one or two live albums to last 20 years.....

I might take a trip down to L.A. to see Cubensis.

The music really relaxes me and brings out the good side of my nature. I can get uptight a lot. The music puts me in the moment and is always different. I had to quit drinking a few years back so I need things to help me unwind. A good Dead show really seems to do the trick. There's enough shows on the Archive to last me a while.

Thanks for letting me introduce myself.

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Lot's of First time Headers

Throughout the years of my travels from Cali to AZ to Chitown, there has been alot of my friends that couldn't help being influenced by the Dead...they were around me. It's funny to look back over the last years, and talking to old friends, and knowing that at least 5 people are going to see The Dead for the first time this spring!

_See tagline below_
Will you come with me? Once in awhile you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right!

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right on...

" start every morning watching the 89 Oakland New years show while I use my Nordic Track."

I believe that show was from 1987 though...great nonetheless...."Cooking with Jerry" is hilarious!

"In a bed, in a bed, by the waterside I will lay my head.
Listen to the river sing sweet songs, to rock my soul."

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I'm a post-jerry deadhead....

I was turned on through "The Schwag" a GD tribute band...if it weren't for tribute bands being around i think a lot of "youngens" would have never gotten on the bus...the torch bearers deserve quite a bit of sure and listen to the "Tales from the Golden Road" on the GD Channel March 8th...I sent a few emails to Gans (host) and got my lil brainchild to come to fruition finally....the whole show is deadicated to the various tribute bands around...I believe he is going to be interviewing Jimmy Tebeau-the founder of "The Schwag"

"In a bed, in a bed, by the waterside I will lay my head.
Listen to the river sing sweet songs, to rock my soul."

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imagine turning a total non-head, virgin set of ears, turning them on to The Dead at a live show this up-coming tour. just say to a dude, 'hey man, wanna go see a concert?'

I mean, someone who ain't never even heard a studio album of the Grateful Dead let alone any live tapes of the Grateful Dead...

then imagine playing them some choice live tapes with Garcia in the bus ride home...

( -;

mind bender that one.

there gotta be Grateful Dead, The Dead, Ratdog, Phil, and 'Garcia' virgins out there somewheres...

sounds like a search and rescue mission which needs accompLESHing!


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Judging by some of the posts I've been seeing

We've got quite a few post-Jerry folks coming along. Folks, feel free to tell your tale here!

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Bob Fried Info?

Hey Hello and Help
Hey now from Austin Texas (good shows from the boyz at Manor Downs!)
A friend Railroad Bill was playing "Bob Fried Memorial Boogie" on his radio show
in Baton Rouge yesterday and emailed asking if anyone Knew how Bob Fried died?
I can't seem to glean any info off the web so was hoping that some folks on the west coast might remember anything (besides passing away in San Mateo in 1974?).
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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C'mon get on board! lights

C'mon get on board! lights off spinning round the christmas tree to The Music Never Stopped > Ashes and Glass > Truckin.....Wier Here..Yes, Were Here! On this beautiful blue planet,spinnin, spinnin free!
Now come on, board this bus are let yer feet fly. the gratest people you ever will meet and music that will send double rainbows flyin in your heart!

peace, and rainbows. pk

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Great song. I've always thought that song, the Pina Colada song and Baker Street were cut from the same great cloth.


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