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This came to mind because I'm cleaning out closets and coming across boxes and boxes of tapes and slides...

Back when the boys started playing, cassettes were a big breakthrough. For years, mailing them around the country was a huge part of the scene. Now you can often download a show right after it's been played, or watch it in real time from thousands of miles away. Things we could only dream of a couple of decades ago are now routine--not just real-time setlists, real-time video for all to see. In the olden days you had to send your film to the lab and wait with bated breath to see if that great shot turned out the way you hoped; now you can not only tell then and there, but you can send it to the world. With special effects.

What are you recording/listening/entrusting images to these days? Do you miss the old-school stuff? Are there devices you can't do without?


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Taping equipment

anybody have any good resources on taping equipment, etiquette?

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iPod transfer

I'll try the free method first to transfer my iPod as suggested by rgergelis. Thanks a bunch for the suggestions both of you. As soon as I get a chunk of time I'll attempt it. I'll keep ya posted. MUST SAVE THE MUSIC!!! Peace all. Amy

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ipod transfer

try a company called leawo. i used their software to back up my potentially problematic ipod. this software worked well and was easy to use. it broke the apple 'lock' on transfer/s...about $30, if i remember correctly. called LEAWO ITRANSFER

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@Amy from New York
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transferring from ipod classic to computer

Hi. I really hope I can get some help on this site. I have an iPod classic with about
20 Dick's Picks stored on there, as well as a few GD and Garcia albums. I would really like to get them into my computer. The iPod is now well over 10 years old and I'm not sure how long it's going to stay reliable. Is there anyone out there who can give me some instruction on how to transfer this music? Thanks. Please post or PM me. Forever grateful!

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Re: Film scanners

Look on the B&H Audio Video site online. Great deals, depending on time of year & seasonal sales, or on newness of which unit you're looking for.
The slide and film units are also cheaper than the multi-format ones that will scan print & photos too.
Most of these external special purpose devices are Mac/Windoze neutral, w the bonus that they'll usually work better on the Macs and don't require special driver files (dll) to operate.
Probably in the $100-200 range for one that will do 35 mm slides & negatives w good resolution & reasonable scan times. There are many decent free-ware or one time pay photo & image editors for Mac as well. ;)

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Looking to build collection

Hello, I am looking to build a collection as well. I only have 15 tapes to my name so far. I am looking for any era, any type tape (maxwell or otherwise), aud, sb, fob, etc. if anyone has any part of their collection or extras or duplicates that they would be willing to part with, please let me know. I am willing to pay s&h. I thought I'd ask here first rather than eBay or clist. PM if you like

Mr Doots

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New to tape trading. Please help!

Hey guys, I'm new to the world of The Dead on tape and I'm starting to develop a serious obsession. If any of you guys could help me go further down the rabbit hole I'd be in your debt. Please PM me!

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free cassettes

hit me up have some great stuff just got a new casstette player off craigs keepin alot but have alot to give away to a new bee all free sacramento area

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Concert Tapes

I am a cassette enthusiast when it comes to Dead shows. If anyone out there has a surplus of shows on cassette that are taking up too much space, let me know and maybe I can help! Preferably Maxell II's (not sure I spelled that right). See you in Chicago!!


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