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Read anything other than Grateful Dead books lately? Discuss!


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ooh goody

Ectasy Club by Douglass Rushkoff as a recreational read..
The Hero With A Thousand Faces by William Campbell as an academic read..

Definitely a lot of repeats from other posters, The Foundation, Starship Troopers, has anyone
recommended The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy? All Douglas Adams, Kurt Vonnegut and Tom Robbins..

ah yes .. and ..
William S. Borroughs, Word Virus
... annd ... Don Miguel Ruiz, Chuang Tzu and Carlos Castenada

and I hadn't even heard of it until just this second but I am lookin for a copy now,
Everything We Know is Wrong, John Perry Barlow

...the sum of all probabilities is equal to one...

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Neil Young's Biography by Jimmy McDonough......almost done.....all i got to say is "wow".

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Some favorite authors are...

In no particular order...

Jasper Fforde
Christopher Moore
Kurt Vonnegut
Robert Heinlein

Next on my bedside table...

Patriots by James Wesley, Rawles

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So It does exist

So I threatened to start this thread in another post, but it does exist, so...

Currently reading an advance copy of a book due out in February. It's called The Bricklayer. Ok, decent action thriller book. No Nobel prize winner or anything, but as the hero is a bricklayer in Chicago named Steve, and my brother is a bricklayer in Chicago named Steve, I thought I should give it a look and send it to him when I'm done.

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i've read ulysses several times. if you want to be academic, i advise you to get a good guide book to help you. you can do that, or just trust yourself that it all makes sense in that weird joycean stream of consciousness way...

then, of course, it you watch rodney dangerfield in back to school you can hear part of the last chapter in the breathy tones that so stirred him! gotta love that part (and the triple lindy... )

good luck!

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A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

I just started re-reading this today. I'm thinking I'm going to try to read Ulysses, and I figure before I start that, I'll ease into a Joycean state of mind by starting with Portrait of the Artist. Anybody out there actually read (and finished) Ulysses? Am I setting too high a goal?

lamagonzo (not verified)
Anything by Hunter S. Thompson

Truly one of the most twisted authors to ever uncork a bottle of ether. Too much of everything was just enough for this man and most deadheads shared a thing or two in common with him --
It never got weird enough. And, as we know, when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro..

When the Great Scorer comes to write against our names in the Big Book we can calmly accept our fate and know that when it was our time we stomped on the terra, but with style!

RIP Hunter, dead tunes for you.

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Tree Spiker

Tree Spiker: From Earth First! to Lowbagging: My Struggles In Radical Environmental Action by Mike Roselle with Josh Mahan.

Mike and Josh were in town last night and I got a copy of this new book with stories of Mike's years of environmental activism. Looking forward to reading it and seeing how Mike remembers some of the same events and actions that I was involved in.

Bob Weir wrote a blurb that is on the back of the book. "Are you itching to have a little fun, maybe get on some people's nerves, help save the planet, and have some stories for your grandkids (if you live)? Want to get fired up about saving the palnet? Get this Book!"

It is just in hardcover now from St. Martin's Press but there will be a paperback version out.

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Books and Authors

Ayn Rand-Anthem and of course Atlas Shrugged
The Foundation Trilogy
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
The Road to Serfdom
A Soldier in the Great War- an amazing love story
A Spaniard in the Works and In His Own Write
My Anotonia

How was Jerry' s book?

And the road goes on forever....

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JT Dutton

OOOH - Rule of the Bone was a wonderful book, I'll bet a lot of folks on this site would love it!


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