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Joined: May 26 2007

Here's the place for that story about how you ran into Jerry in the halls of Autodesk. Or some such. Thank you for sharing!


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Joined: Jun 6 2007
Grateful Dead at Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison, Colorado on 8

Grateful Dead at Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison, Colorado on 8-11-1987

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Joined: Jun 30 2007

i know you posted 5+ years ago, but I just saw this...and appreciate it! thanks

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Joined: Feb 8 2008
I went to a Fare Thee Well show - you might enjoy my account.

Hey now.

The phenomenal "faretheewell" shows were amazing. Yeah!

I went to Saturday Night's show in Santa Clara - yep, the opener.

I thought they looked great, and enjoyed the song selection. I had to explain about the heavy weirdness during the second set. Some casual fans left during the big drone thing, and more got up when it appeared they were really getting lost...and some really seemed to be panicking up there, (on a club level), during the epic, "only", version of Aoxomoxoa's very experimental song, "What's Become Of The Baby". My copy of that record is well worn, uh, except for that track: near mint.

I told of few people not to worry, they were seeing what will undoubtedly be the only performance of a rare track... Although, while witnessing the thing, at the time, I could not be certain the original Grateful Dead hadn't attempted the track in 1968 or early 1969. Had to check on that for confirmation. Had the original GD ever played it? Not according to my old well worn copy of Dead Base Volume 9.

Anyway. Some funny looks out there in the club seats near the fan's main entrance (on the left if looking from the stage), which were probably slightly more filled by the regular guests new pro-football stadiums get. Footbal fans, who are season ticket holders enjoying the privileges of their status, but a bit baffled by some of our scene.

Grateful Dead, oh they're nice aren't they? Touch Of Grey was a top ten hit in 1987-88 right? What was all this then?

You had to expect that, but I'll tell you, the music was sounding very far out for sure. From up there a licking echo was happening, curling around the other side and back. And a lot of the kids now really like more experimental music, so I was proud of Phil for trying the song, and the whole band, getting so gone.

And it worked well out of the music Mickey and Bill created. So good they could expand their universe into a 6th decade! Congrats! Keep it going.

By the end of the show after Trey sang us to the exits with his easy Casey Jones encore, I was ready to call the band, "The Treyful Dead" forevermore. In fact I did, holler it out a few times "Treyful Dead!" to the amusement of exiting Phish-heads, (which I have never been), and not the squirmy stadium security, but I am hopeful the Garcia Gals were not too alarmed, as I yelled the phrase in the direction of the path we trod together, opposite direction... after show. Huh? I wanted to hug them one at a time, but I knew I might have blown the ever important first impression!

With all the other nice moments, not the least of which was our special treat: a local rainbow exactly over Phil Lesh, who seemed to be in the center of the stage. I was not too surprised by the huge throng singing all the breaks to St. Stephen, "One man gathers what another man spills...". It was like we were at a Rolling Stones show sing the "Hey" in Brown Sugar and Satisfaction. We expected it.

What did surprise me was to hear some of the many other spots the crowd was audibly singing along: Casey Jones, Truckin, Other One, Born Cross Eyed, Cryptacal Envelopment, Dark Star... We all sang right along.

I also attended the Redwood City Century Theatre's live screening for the next to last and last shows from Chicago. The picture and sound were nearly completely flawless.

Happy New Year. Shiney Mike. 1/20/16.

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Joined: Jan 14 2008

December 5th, 1979 at the Uptown Theatre in Chicago. I was in radio at the time and got backstage passes to this show. Talked with all except Jerry during the break, Brent was "new" and very open - talked at great length. As I was leaving the theater, there he was - ready to leave out the backstage door. He smiled, I stuck my hand out, he grabbed it and all I could say was "great show". He said "Thanks". It was awesome!! In all my shows, this was the only time I had a chance to see the show backstage.

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Joined: May 26 2007
Bob Weir on 49er Faithful

Imagine my surprise as I channel-surfed onto this yesterday. This is the trailer; the full-length may be up now. Great stories.

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Joined: Oct 26 2013
I'm a noblesville Indiana

I'm a noblesville Indiana native and I slightly remember the stories of the "gate crashing". Any stories would be greatly appreciated

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Joined: May 26 2007
the other day I had a meeting in Sausalito

to which I carpooled with some fellow Oakland residents, also bound for the meeting. And as we reached the bottom of the off-ramp, we simultaneously went into a chorus of "dang, we miss the Marin City Flea Market!" Which was the best flea market EVER, and fell prey to some development project years ago.

So great a flea market that I once ran into Robert and Maureen Hunter there, about a quarter century ago.

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Joined: Oct 27 2010
meet them in spirit and soul

everytime they play.

Joined: Aug 20 2009
Jerry at AMC Theaters Emeryville, CA 2012-04-19

At least I thought it was at first. Turns out it was Stefan, but for a minute I thought I had peaked too soon.

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Joined: Mar 19 2012
Las Vegas

Sometime in the early 80's stepped into the elevator at the Alladin with Jerry, Bob, Bill and Mickey. Six or seven other heads on the elevator yapping away to jerry, I for the first time became tongue tied. Ironically after all those years of Jerry talking to me telapathically down in the front row of countless shows he didn't recognize me in the elevator. lol


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