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Thanks Jake for reviving so many of these missing vines. This is one I am really looking forward to.

1. iGrateful
2. Island Girl
3. JohnRParker5

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I'd be interested in this one!

If you get a chance to reseed this one, Jake, I'd love to get on the list!

1. igrateful
2. Island Girl

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It seems like...

Back when the server was updated this page was another of the ones where the posts don't match the topic. So its impossible to tell who has this unless someone can locate the posts in another thread.
Or we can start a new list here if anyone else is interested in a reseed besides iGrateful. If not, I'll send him his own copy. I owe him the PERRO package anyways

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Is this DEAD?

What a shame... let me know when revived....


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Rhythm Devils

My wife & I & an old friend saw the Rhythm Devils at the July 27 - Orpheum Theater - Flagstaff, AZ show & it was very special & quite refreshing, in that, this NEW band had quite a lot to say from a musical perspective that we have not heard in some time. We have seen Rat Dog over the years which was fun as well as Phil & Friends-especially with multi-instrumentalist Larry Campbell, who is on a level of his own but this new Rhythm Devils band will be a force to reckon with. They were very good & a real nice break for our buddy who was still grieving the loss of his woman in life but we could tell they were just just on the edge of discovering the power & musical mojo this line up has.Don't miss their shows as you will be well rewarded when you see this group!!

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Devilz 9/10 Niagara

Many great things about this show:
The venue at Bear's Den, Seneca Niagara Casino was teeny-tiny! 400 people, many not in their seats but standing/dancing in the back. Great sight lines everywhere, you could move around and check out the view from wherever, and so we danced for awhile sidestage, about 10ft away from our beloved drummers. Breathing the same air is pretty sweet!

Really good sound. Not blasting us away, just perfect listening volume and the warm stage sound you get from being so close in a small room.

The guitarists were excellent... Davy Knowles and Tim Bluhm pulled off fantastic versions of many unexpected and favourite songs, like Brown Eyed Women, US Blues, Jack-A-Roe... and ripped some great solos as well as solid rhythm playing. I guess the latter is a prerequisite for being in the band!

Mickey and Billy are such a treat to hear play together, and to see them up close is priceless. Watching how they interact is unlike any solo drummer or drummer combo. Mickey doesn't even have a kick drum! They trade off high-hat parts instead of playing all over each other. It was seamless and amazing.

I did wonder about a few things, however...
We were definitely expecting something more along the lines of Mickey's past Planet Drum projects or the Rhythm Devils of old. Experimental drum pieces featuring master drummers, samples and maybe a lyric thrown in to please the crowd. The show was mostly songs... GD songs and new ones, but songs. It was as if the boys were happy to take a backseat to the guitar players and promote these fresh faces while playing what the crowd wanted to hear. But we wanted to hear Drumz... lots and lots of DRUMZZZ...

Even if they were choosing songs over rhythms, I was curious as to why all the country and folk songs? Those demand straight-ahead playing from the drummers and I would have thought that in their own band these guys would be tackling some more interesting stuff. Maybe they actually like playing that stuff, who knew? Sikiru Adepoju is a master talking drum player. It was certainly strange to hear him playing along with country and folk songs and sad that he never got featured and was buried in the mix. Only drum solo/feature we heard all night was when the 3 drummers went off on Not Fade Away. My request for next time... more drum solos/ experimental rhythm sections to feature these exceptional players.

Thanks for the show and glad all is well. We love you, Billy & Mickey!!!!!!!!


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"Those Locals"

The additional musicians brought out Saturday night were Mike Gordon on bass and Craig Meyers on Djembe. The audio is up on archive now for streaming and download:

There's another download source too, if you go here:

"When it comes to humility, I'm the greatest!" - Bullwinkle Moose

lamagonzo (not verified)
9/11 B/11 Burlington, Mickey's birthday

Last show on the current tour. We all sang
Happy Birthday to Mickey. He's looking good at 67!
The drumz and percussion is really well laid out but there was definitely a lack without Keller Williams, unfortunately.

Highlights for me for me were So Many Roads, Hey Bo Diddley, Fire>Scarlet and Goin' Down the Road plus a couple of other tunes I don't know the names of. Mickey brought out a couple of locals midway through the set to help out. That brought a fatter kind of sound.

We danced half the night in front of the Wharf Rats table (Another Dopeless Hope Fiend! & Save Your Face & Let Go, Let Jerry bumper stickers).

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Im so Happy that there was

Im so Happy that there was a good turnout and so many got to see The Rhythm Devils!! Nowww- were talkin !! yeaahhh, spread the word. Billy and Mickey are just having a blast with this line up and I for one am lovin hearing them jazzin up the Grateful Dead once again.
And I'm lovin the new songs too. There is a definite Grateful Dead feel but they have their very own refreshing groove and ( Iknow Ive said it before ) I love the vocals.. and of course the drums.. got that perpetual motion non stop dance trance- going- again.

Heres who they are :
Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann
Tim Bluhm -guitar
Sikiru Adepoju - drums-talking drum
Davey Knowles- Vocals guitar
Andy Hess- Bass
Loved seeing new fans getting blown away and ((((our old timer Deadhead family))) from the Rochester area, coming out to experience this wonderful band --*setlist : U.S. Blues
Hey Bo Diddley
Wrecking crew
Brown Eyed women
Ship of fools
Easy wind
Samson and Delilah
Other one
set II
Djiin Djiin
Come the dawn
New Speedway boogie
This one hour
You remind me
Fire on the mountain
Scarlet Begonias
Strange world
Friend of the devil


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Niagara Sept 10

Hope you're having a GRATE night, Dancingsinginggirl! Warm them up for me...

NY here I come... trippin at the falls =)



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