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Joined: Jul 2 2007
Talking about using sports teams to settle things

I read how the Spanish Bankia group may put Christiano Ronaldo up for collateral , to guarantee their solvency to the European Central Bank. For those who do not know-Ronaldo is a Portugese soccer player for Real Madrid (dislike but another discussion altogether). Anyhow, I find this to be completely absurd!

Here is the link:
I am not young enough to know everything.
Oscar Wilde

lamagonzo (not verified)
The Knights Templar

Are the original bankers of the Pope. They settled in Switzerland but through forward intelligence through Nordic peoples mapped and laid claim to the "New" World. As it wasn't practical (in that time) to start their own country they chose to openly set up their brand through free masons, as America was settled.

Has anyone else heard that 25% of the interest paid on the US National Debt goes to the Windsors and Swiss banks?

I thought this was loopy at the time I heard it, but as debt piles up with obvious solutions it strikes me that the real winners are the ones collecting the interest on 14.1 trillion.

jonapi (not verified)
"i've been lookin' for freeeedom..."

It's out alright!
And he ain't showin' respect for the marijuana either, so that's another thumbs down from ol' jonapi.
The right to bear arms or the right to arm bears?! i'd love to see some furry double barrel action! You keep leaving the trash out at night, why shouldn't they protect their dinner?!!!

Yeah, Olde England are the KINGS! "I'll take that country, this one, another one from here, one from over there....".
Prince Philip for Prime Minister. Best quote was during the recent Royal Wedding when the News interviewed a German woman who "wished we had a Royal Family like that".
You do! The Windsors!!!

And you can implement alright! Ya just keep ya head down and go about ya business. You recognise those ideals, then go for it; you do what ya can and that's all one can ask.

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Joined: Dec 26 2007
David Hasselhof....Gengis Khan..

oh, my...heeheeee!!

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Joined: Dec 26 2007
Well....the corporations are runnin' the show, anyway

or so it would appear. I think the only REAL difference between the "now", and the way the world appeared in the original "Rollerball" (starring James Caan) is that we haven't progressed (regressed?) to using sports teams to settle matters...or have we?
I agree, Gonz...but as jonapi pointed out, Jolly Olde England did their share of subjugation, or maybe that's not ENTIRELY what he was sayin'....and look at what Spain did, all in the name of the Church (yet another example of twisting the teachings of Christ). But, as I said....I believe in the IDEALS, and what they are/were supposed to represent, I jus' dunno how we are 'sposed ta implement them wiffa buncha dang politicians and tycoons in the way. I didn't vote for our current administration, and I'm still willing to give the President the benefit of the doubt, but he DID let the Patriot Act stand, and I'm still worried that he will try to disarm the common folk.....the jury is still out, right?

jonapi (not verified)
curse you shackles!

I think everyone has to rise above.
It's all out of our control really; anyone honest will be spun out of all meaning. We need to remove ourselves from all the hot air and endless guff.
Best way to combat all this is to live more simply. Concentrate on what really matters. None of us need spend money on pointless accoutrements. We can all live the lives we want to live if we're sensible about it.
Recent anger from some parts regarding US companies shipping their manufacture and investment to overseas workforces are well founded. When such a large portion of US citizens are unemployed, i agree; it would be nice to think that the government would look after it's "own" first. However, if we turn our backs on the shit they make and aim "higher", a large part of the problem is solved.
Like pressuring China over it's Human Rights issues (let's forget the US's own abuses for a moment); their economy growing rapidly (well, so we're told) at our expense. If we didn't buy the cheap shit they produce, their export growth wouldn't look so mighty.
It's all our responsibilities, lest we forget. A reduction in our outgoings means more money for truly better quality of life.
Unfortunately, a lot of people (usually the most sincere, honest and filled with genuine inner beauty), don't always have this knowledge at their disposal.

And this is where we come in if possible.
Strip back the fallacy of materialism; sneakers, pants and cosmetics don't mean jack. Pass it on like you would a joint to the kynd Head just because you can.
Takes a lot of de-programming; it's an uphill struggle with at times, not a whole lot to show for it.
But face it folks; government is looking after it's own. Sure, they'll blindside us a little; paper over the cracks and bring out the the ol' rose tint for our eager spectacles. But we know deep down which direction we should be heading. And it's going to involve sacrifices. If we choose to see it those terms of course.
Dead weight is dead weight. You wouldn't carry excess baggage on a serious expedition; it would kill ya.

Q: How do you know the CIA wasn't involved in the Kennedy assassination?
A: Well, he's dead isn't he?

Thanks Lemmy.

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Joined: Jan 8 2011
budget/debt nonsense

I guess like 200 and something members of congress have signed some stupid pledge never to raise taxes, what a bunch of losers. I hope that when they're kicked out on their asses in the next election and go into private business they will all sign pledges never to raise the prices of their products on their customers, the corporations are laughing all the way to therir banks.

jonapi (not verified)
history schmistory

I think johnman IS agreeing with you lamagonzo, no? Forgive me, but i don't see what you're sayin'.

It's the "liberals" ya gotta watch too, don't forget. We're all complicit in one way or another.

And this budget/debt nonsense is a farce. There is a way around everything. Always seek the alternative and pass it on.

lamagonzo (not verified)
Enough about the $*&^%&*# Budget!!!

A fight worth fighting
But nobody cares enough,

Who wants to engage these DC world-class jagg-offs anyway? Not me.

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Joined: Jun 22 2007
So there's a link

Between Ghengis Khan and cookies (and beer, and the Dead)? Johnman never ceases to amaze...


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