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lamagonzo (not verified)
Sorry Johnman, I disagree

I have sat through so many news stories about senseless single person inspired massacres in the US. I know our history through our beginning, oppression of Indians, "Wild West" atmosphere, prejudice against immigrants and blacks in the civil war//industrial era and what people faced who organized unions in this country through the McCarthy witchcraft trials. There was lots and lots and lots of senseless rogue (a word that hardly applies anymore) violence.

Never doubt your right to disagree.

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multi talented

I just started reading a biography of Genghis Khan. The author.....

......John Man!

jonapi (not verified)
Johnman For President! or at least in charge of the cookie jar..

You're absolutely right, and don't you DARE apologise for any of your posts or thoughts!!! Have you seen some of mine?!!!!! The ramblings of an idiot mostly ha ha!!!

You say what you mean and you say it WELL johnman and don't you forget it!!
We all feel exactly the same way; i look at others or i watch speeches and the like and feel hopelessly inadequate. No such thing as grammar or vocabulary. It's the INTENT and what's in the heart that matters. I'd say you heart is bigger than most's. And i bless you for it.

And i strongly believe that your approach is the right one; you have to do as you see fit, listen to others and take things on board if you get the chance, but ultimately it's up to you. Ya do the best ya can. I reckon a few more could follow your path, man.

And yes, the original ideals the US were founded on are pretty honourable; well, apart from the wholesale ransacking and destruction of it's original inhabitants of course (I do have to say though, that many left-wing, oleaginous liberals LOVE to lambast the US for the pillaging, rape and oppression of the Native Americans/Red Indians/call them what you will; In England we're particularly greasy. Oh, we pat ourselves on the back and revel in our smugness pointing out what you did, but it's what WE did!!! English, Danish, Irish, all sorts CAME to America!! WE shoved it to the Native Americans OURSELVES. Whites in America=OUR forefathers!!!).

Digression over.

And i agree, we have yet to see an administration that upholds those ideals. There's plenty evidence that Abraham Lincoln wasn't the civil rights activist and champion he's made out to be; John F. Kennedy and his family were not particularly pleasant. JFK made out to be the young, snappy, hip President while suffering from multiple health problems and popping pills-a-go-go; Reagan, the narcoleptic pinhead? The Bush's? we'll skip over those retards. Clinton? no, thank you, you or your bitter wife.

Mmm, jury is still out.

Not sure how much weight he (or ANY President or Politician for that matter) holds in the US or around the world.
They say he got around 200,000 people in Berlin when he made a speech.
But let's not forget that the last time 200,000 people gathered in Berlin, it was to listen to the most evil man in the world.

David Hasselhoff.

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Gangbangers wasn't my reason...

sometimes I can't articulate the point I'm trying to make so I come off as a dyed in the wool, shoot 'em up nutcase, and it's easier to jus' back-off and try to collect my thoughts. Usually I'm unsuccessful, however.
There are many intelligent, thoughtful people that post here and sometimes I'm just plain humbled by the input, most of which I can't even come CLOSE to, but I try.
....We are all just human, I guess...small communities, big communities, it's all the same. Sometimes it's family units, or tribes, or just like-minded people. And we're all violent by nature, unfortunately. Often there is no choice, often there is nothing BUT choice.
I try to believe that the ideals the US was founded on really mean something, at least in thought, if not in practice, but I have yet to see an administration that lives up to those ideals. As far as I can see you can't trust ANY of the bastiges, so I have to live as I see fit, and hope I do the right thing. If I'm lucky..I can drag a few folks with me.

jonapi (not verified)
kick a ball. drink. have a fight. go home.

And no, the US most certainly does not have a monopoly on senseless violence; America is somewhat of an easy target unfortunately, because of the sometimes, staggering stupidity of a minority of it's citizens.
But indeed, johnman, it's alive and kicking all over the globe. The UK has more than it's fair share of hateful behaviour. Unfathomable idiocy. Africa, Asia and Europe too.
It's just ingrained in the culture sometimes. Old grudges passed down through the generations. Understandable in a certain light. Recently watched Bruce Parry's Tribe series where he stayed with four different tribal, neighbouring groups in Southern Ethiopia's Omo Valley; the Suri, the Nyangatom, the Hamar and the Dassanech.
All individually open and friendly; all trying their best to survive, all protecting their families, all displaying incredible community.
But they HATE each other; killings of adults and children alike. Appalling barbarity; boasting of slaughter.
When told of where he was going next, they all worried that he would be killed instantly. All described each other as barbaric; monsters and demons.
And yet each tribe was wonderful in their own way; the West and it's much-trumpeted "civilised" societies could learn a huge amount from them on many levels.
The beauty of fear and paranoia i suppose; each frightened that if the next Tribe sees them they'll kill and mutilate on sight. All in case they do it to them first which is highly likely.
They have so much in common and benefit each other in the most wondrous ways but the roots go too deep.
Same with Israel and Palestine. Same with the IRA. Same with the Catholics and Protestants. Same with the Christians and the Muslims. Same with the Crips and the Bloods. Same with the Jets and the Sharks. Same with the US Government and the rest of world it seems. Abuse leads to getting burned in sometimes spectacular fashion.

Keep the head down and proceed quietly or speak up and go around in the circle?
I don't know.

Let's hope this Norwegian mess isn't exploited. It will be of course but the fingers are itching to cross.
The worrying thing is that a white guy plotting just about ANYTHING has a better chance of staying under the radar. Especially when there's Freemason fools behind it. Obama is a Freemason too isn't he? The word "coconut" springs to mind here. Let's hope not, eh?
Butch Trucks' new blog has some great posts about politics and a recent ramble on ol' Barack if anyone is interested. I like his style.

Reminds of the funny FB musing; he has a name somewhere between Iraq and a bomber. They might as well have called him Muslim O'GunBomb in the Republican's eyes.
"He has to get in with the majority of Americans. When he did his first public speech, they put all that bulletproof glass in front of him. I think that shows you how racist America still is; just because he's black doesn't mean he's going to kill anybody...".

And why should you be quiet when mentioning gangbangers, johman?!!! Just what IS your real name, you ol' Witness Protection Poster Boy! ha ha!! Can just picture you chilling in the crib with the homies, pants around the balls, dusting off some rhymes! johnizzy-to-the-manizzy, G!
You're fooling no one with the beard the tattoos the beer and the Dead fixation. Straight up Gangster ha ha ha!!!!!

jonapi (not verified)
close your eyes and shake your head...

...the moment George W. Bush used the words "crusade" against terrorism. Followed by....

...God Bless America.


Talking of Chartres Cathedral; i don't think you'll be able to watch BBC iPlayer in the US, but i think you can in Europe. Maybe on BBC America soon?
Anyway, great programme last night called "The Code"; an investigation by mathematician Marcus du Sautoy, revealing how significant numbers appear throughout the natural world. It's in three parts.

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you should most certainly NOT be quiet!!!! You always have interesting, kind, and or humorous things to say!!!!!!!

That was a fascinating discussion marye & badger, especially after having seen that part of the world for myself. Have photos of the cathedral in Albi somewhere, and it is something else alright.
I am not young enough to know everything.
Oscar Wilde

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While I agree that there is MORE than enough

random, senseless violence here in the U.S., I wouldn't call it OUR specialty...not while there are sports fanatics killing each other over soccer games in other parts of the world. Of course, we have idiot gangbangers killing each other on the streets, too....but maybe I should just be quiet....sorry,,

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ABB live on XM Sirius

I'd love to visit France and the rest of Europe, someday, but tonight the Allman Bros Band is live on XM Sirius, Deep Tracks, to raise awareness for Hepatitis C. Phil Lesh will be a guest. Greg Allman had a liver transplant 13 months ago.

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and the willingness of people to fall for it is really depressing.


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