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angela garvey


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I am a single mom raising two beautiful blessings and torments. I love life for the most part but it has a tendency to get me down with all the atrocities life can engender. I want to do good in the world but am still struggling with finding where I can do so. I try a little every day so maybe that is enough for now. I dislike the fact that I have to work so much just to get by...but there are many of us out there on the same boat. I love to take care of my little family and I can honestly say that has been my only ambition in this life. I am a consumate nurturer. I am a very physical being-I like to be touched and touch back. It is comforting to me...I believe in love. I am a dayandnite dreamer. If I could live in my dreams I would be happier. I dream in 3-D technicolor on a constant basis and believe in astral projection...It has happened to me more than once...SOMEDAY I would love to travel in the Carribbean, especially Jamaica...

Looking for

A veggie burrito recipe, a little piece of land with a farmhouse to spend the rest of my days on, a horse to ride named Wildfire, a dog named Boo, and a cat named Spooky, a man who will love me to the end of my days, peace of mind and stress relief ( I think a good full-body massage will do the trick) freedom from societal pulls and distractions, and to spend my days learning everything I want to...Most of all I would like a real and true friend...a grate goo ball recipe...want to find the Southern Cross...


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