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all major SF bands and all related, all lesser known SF and all related, chess history and esoteric understandings of it and other board games, litterature, Christ Krishna Buddha and others, Goddess and Sophia, SF culture and spiritual, Beat writers, alchemy-hermeticism-kabalah-tantra, shamanism, the psychedelic-entheogenic experience, writing, researching, reading, adventure and exploration, love sex and romance, rich emotional experience and aesthetics, the best of democarcy anarchy and communism, freedom...


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39yr old writer, researcher listening to all the San Fran bands (and others) since the age of sixteen, as well as others too. Listened to all GD studio albums and many live albums, yet never attended GD show (not out of choice!), but love what I hear. More of a SF head than Deadhead, but I offer my nomadic solidarity with a tribe I consider with fondness.
Besides writing I am in the beginning stages of a work in progress phase towards hosting tributes to SF muse nights in Madchester- a collective of djay vjays, with literary stuff thrown in too is what i envision (perhaps too ambitious though?).
Im the kind of person who is going to read all of the Dr Strange comics at some point in order to and flesh out the Tribute to Dr Strange early SF happenings in storyrealm adjacent to the real history of San Fran! I weave stories around band lyrics, and album an poster cover art and relate it to esoteric traditions of old.

Looking for

Find anything in regards to side projects of the extended G Dead family (and SF band scene generally) that is of a house-dance-techno etc kind (I checked out Linda Imperial). Also anything in regards to techno-house-dance type remixes of the old and new SFbands and/or house-dance-techno-dance etc etc music primarily inspired by original SF sound.


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