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The Story Arc Project, Screenplay and Radio script based on Garcia Hunter Songs, Original Songs, Musician, Songwriter, Author, Performance Schedule
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Rob ('bert) Rawson


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For the second half of the band's performing history, the last 15 years, I was a willing participant in this grand experiment called the Grateful Dead. I saw about 230 or so shows, which looking back on it sounds like a lot but doesn't seem like very many.

I am a computer guy by trade, but music is my passion and I do perform from time to time, sometimes open mic nights, sometimes real sets. I've written a handful of original songs, many of then quite recently.

Looking for

I recently wrote a screenplay featuring too many Hunter/Garcia songs, and more recently rewrote it into a radio adaptation. I have started something I call the Story Arc Project, my hope is to crowd source over the internet a performance of this, getting contributions of the performance of each part and then editing it together into a production. More details are on my web site (and more are to come as of this writing as the contribution part is not up and running quite yet, stay tuned).


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