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Family and Friends !, Work, Cooking Out, Riding in the Back Fields (with the 4X4) w/ Friends, Playing My Old Grateful Dead Bootlegs at High Volume (Mine Goes Up to 11! ), Dreaming of the Day Good Bands ( Like The Dead, etc ) Play in Jackson, MS ( It's Been YEARS!! WE LOVE YOU!! YOU MUST VISIT !! Music Is the VERY Backbone of Mississippi For Crying Out Loud !), NICE Girls, Multi Track Recording and Mixing Down Particular Selections from My Old Grateful Dead Bootleg Material ( The Stash ), Reading, Stuff
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David Eads


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I'm sure you have better things to do...right? Let's cookout sometime. Peace Be With You!

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Soundboards ONLY (and nothing less than fantastic sounding) of the following shows:

12/19/78 Sets 1&2 ( NEVER in my many years have I ever seen this show listed in a SBD format ! )
8/31/83 Sets 1&2
3/27/89 Sets 1&2


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