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love, my children, art, playing music, nature, harmony, peace, altruism, psychology, the subconscious mind, riding my motorcycle, Hawaii, sensuality, sexuality, sightseeing, travel, alternative medicine, healing arts, mysticism, crafts, photography, cooking, independent and foreign film, gardening, flying, reggae, world music, world religions, archeology, ancient civilizations, aliens, the universe, string theory, science, numerology


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I'm a left handed Pisces. I'm back in the Pacific NW after living on the rainy side of the Big Island of Hawaii for 21 years. I've also spent some time living in Davis Ca. I've loved the dead from the first time I heard them as a kid, probably around 1968 or so. I don't think I've been to more than about 20 shows, but I am so glad to have seen them. I don't have to tell you the incredible energy exchange at one of these shows, and just this is worth the price of admission. I would love to catch a Further show once but for some reason the Portland Or. area is ignored by a lot of bands that if they came, would sell out for sure. Go figure...

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I'm looking for a petite, brown skinned, happy, loving, hippie chick to share life's pleasures with.


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