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Richard Hugh Everingham
Grateful Dead since first hearing in 1970. Also managed to see them at these amazing shows:, August 1974 - Alexander Palace, London, UK, August 1979 - Oakland Coliseum, October 31st 1990 - Wembley Arena, London, UK, Wished it could have been more but wonderful experiences., I'm a big traveller - fist overland trip to India (via Europe, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and on into India from August 1974 to June 1975. Listening to Dead, Dylan from old Cassette player linked to speakers at Carolines Chai Shop on Colva Beach in Goa - truly amazing. Several trips to India since - trecking in Kashmir, Temples in Tamil Nadu, Rajasthani Temples and Palaces., I also love to hike and where I live in Yorkshire, UK we have the beautiful Yorkshire Dales and not too far away - the wonderful Lake District. Spent many happy days with my partner walking, hiking and climbing., Am also a very keen reader and consume volumes like hot buttered toast.


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