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David Parcell
Good company, music, food, animals(especially humans!), travel and exploring, the GREAT outdoors, the arts, reading, history, philosophy, the Oregon DUCKS, the Chicago Cubs Bulls & Blackhawks, & the Green Bay Packers.


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I have had a fortunate, but at times, difficult life. It's life's experiences that have shaped my character & made me the person I am today. It has been a long hard road at times, but I'm grateful to be alive & free with some great stories to boot. Really taking joy in the journey itself & less concerned with the destination. Hope you will take a moment to contact me if you feel so inclined.

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As far as I'm concerned, quality of character is critical when it comes to the humans I choose to surround myself with. I've been through a few rodeos & learned how difficult life can be when you surround yourself with people whose beauty is merely "skin deep." Characteristics I cherish, and demand from those I have close personal relationships with are honesty, integrity, kindness, compassion, grace & humility, a sense of humor, and a bit of uncommon sense. It never hurts to have a nodding acquaintance or "awareness" of the world & times we live in. FYI, if you message me here, I might not see it for a while as much time can go by between my visits to Hit me up at or 847.772.9291.
Love & justice!


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