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Comic books. Music. Playing Drums. Vegan Food. Coffee. Right now my favorite jams are Fire on the Mountain and Estimated Prophet !!!
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Adam Scheidt


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I am new to the grateful dead. I have been listening to all kinds of music for most of my life. I have mainly listened to metal and punk. These days I am feeling a bit more easy going. I find that the Dead's music is very soothing. I am also really interested in all their technical elements. I can not get enough of the WALL OF SOUND stuff. I have found that there is a lot there musically for me to dig on. The more I hear of this band the more I like them. I also really like the friendly atmosphere of the scene.

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Info on good shows to go see or to look up and listen to. I plan on seeing Further this summer. I want to find out about more camping shows.


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