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I have been producing a project to upgrade and move the Jerry Memorial hat is currently in Fairfax, CA You can see some of the conceptual drawings, drawn by Stanley Mouse and initial plans at The plan is to move it to an area above the park there and put it in a gazebo. There will be a sculpture, a solar powered video kiosk. I am putting together committees and in the planing stage. After our June 14th, 2008 inauguration, during The Fairfax Festival. Committees include, but are not limited to an executive committee (made of hopefully Anette Flowers (publisher, Ice Nine Publishing), Sue Stevens (jerry's personal assistant for 20+ years) & Inez Garcia (intern director Marin Housing & mother of Steve Kimock's first kid). Also will be a design review committee (for a design submission competition), event committee (for a benefit show).

I ope to have a benefit show in mid-August, probably at The Fairfax Pavilion. Anybody with any suggestions or wold lke to help with the project feel free to contact me.

I am an inventor. You might have seen someof my lighttoys I make at Bay Area Dead shows. I am not The Dancing Bear Dude (Rob Levinksky) but have worked with him. My Light Toy site is I am also 1/2 Penguin and do a comedy/music thing PenguinMan The World's Only Giant Ukulele Playing Singing, Tap Dancing, Surfing Penguin. Click on Jim Fox'
s other Projects for even more


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