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Frantisek Blaha
My son, the Grateful dead, painting and graphics., the ekological situation of mother earth, and the i-ging!..


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i am born on the 23 of january 1962(aquarius)in prague,which by then was communist ruled 1968 when the russian tanks crushed the"prague spring" our family fled to west-germany.a friend of mine turned me on to the grateful dead in we had no concerts of the boys a microdot of yellow sunshine,nice tapes and a friendly setting led me up the golden road!since this moment my life changed because that night i had to cope with something that was revealed to me and until today could not be ignored,in fact that day the GD became the soundtrack of my life.using pot and living in bavaria which is the most opressive state in germany,soon led to problems i could resolve only by leaving the country.i went 1982 to amsterdam,but there it was too rough,so i decided to move on to france,because paris being the center of art and culture for centuries was the best place for me to go.and i was right.there it was possible to live from my artwork and after a while i met a very charming mademoiselle which soon became my wive and mother of my beloved son.but as nothing is as great as it seems i found out that my loved girl was a heavy psychopath(the medics called it "mystique hallucinations"...and they fully exploded after she gave birth to our son,etienne.from than on i had to take care of the child,what in fact was great.if there would not have been the longterm imprisonment of my wife in these instituts they call psychiatric 1990 when the eastern block crumbled to pieces our family went to the czech grandfather left us a farm and we thougt it would be the best as for our son,so for my wife to live in a wonderful countryside..and maybe things would settle down a bit!but that was an error.our boy had no problems learning a new language but for my girl it must have been make a long story short,in 95 i sent her back to france for treatment and until today never saw her my boy (whos a 20 year old chap by now) and me are still here because we got used to it and as it is our property nobody can fuck around with us.i earn my living as a translator(french,german,english and tcheque)and my son will finish highschool this year and than he want to study history and politiques.oh yeah i forgot to mention that he is a guitarplayer and a singer in a band!so you see so far i am a happy father and this is my story..(to be continued..)!!d

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i am looking for deadheads from all around the world for communocation,disscusing actuallity and how it intervenes with the everyday live of the people on the street.oh,and i am very interested into antiprohibtional movements and the advantage it would have on many people who are in bad shape,taken for criminals..just because they are not into 24-year old ballantines but might prefer...!


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