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Perpetually Out of Town Nikki Brown
Daydreaming about Kelly Slater being monogamous with me, SCUBA, Surfing, Pacific Rims (Sugaree'd, please, add an extra strawberry and leave it on!), all things Catholic, Californian, Hawaiian and Dead. Great to be alive. Grateful to be Dead (with eternal life :) :) :) !), Morning Dew memories, Keeping the Eternal Fire on the Sierras via the Rockies, remembering Dave "Was that a Niner in There?" from San Clemente not Cincinatti and waiting for another Fred to find me again (do I get 2 chances on this one?) on my very own Cass Street with low yellow lighting this time because Fred is in the top 4 with Dave, but Dave's not here and Cass St. is too bright at night, loving life and Our Lady of Refuge (#'s 2 and 1), Visualizing World Peace with every one of my molecules through breaking bread conservatively burkastocked with peace pipes, Shalom! Party on, Fount.


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From MountainGrrrl to respectfully appreciating the sisterhood of the shark while leaving only footprints going "down to the waterline." (*insert See Terrapin visual here, please and World Peace while your at it, thanks!) Sincerely Grateful to be Catholic Dead all fearless and full of freakie-stylie eternal life now more than ever because I'm 34 and loving it because I'm at the top of the food chain and don't I know it even if it takes me laughing all the way to the gates to win.

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Fun...I already found myself on tour via the "mountains, through the crystal-like and clear water fountains, to the Sea". I found the answer, answerman now I just "want to drink from the lovin' cup" or that saline bottle at 30 minute intervals with those snacks from that guy's backpack in Dirty Vegas when it's not I guess I'm looking to be eternally peaking as a former mountaingrrrl now stepping into liquid after killing my cellphone. Also looking for life because once IN A LIFETIME I got shown the light in the strangest of places because I looked at it right as opposed to how everyone else looked at it wrong or at least boring or just not for me...actually, it would get really crowded out here if were all were Dead, but oh how sweet it would be! Big hearts for everyone and one mind for all.


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