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Guitar Playing, am a monster player, and of course listeningto the dead


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I have Played guitar since I was 10 years old, and have learned many styles from Van Halen to my favourite, the Grateful Dead, as well as jazz and country. I played my frst professional gig at 16...23 years ago, and have not looked back,as this musical journey hs taken me too many wonderful bizarre places. I have great improv skills and great chops, and am looking for YOU!>

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Am looking for other musicians to share the dream we all dreamed long ago. Please be proficient on your instrument, and have great ability to improvise. There is a void that must be filled in todays society, and our music will take the human race to the next level, delivering them up from the pit of modern day mediocrity...wanna help me on my quest? Please leave me a message. Thank you ...Peace and Love to all.


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