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Besides the Grateful Dead, Playing the guitar/Singing in bands, Writing songs/poems, meeting chill down to earth- open minded people!,(Hot gals preferred!) Astrology, Meditation, Art, philosophy, Glass Pipes ( I sell Them for a living), traveling, gardening, reading, Ghost hunting (In my spare time) love to investigate HAUNTED PLACES/HOUSES in a group I belong to.... Also I am actively studying the UFO/ Extra Terrestrial Biological Entities AKA ALIENS!!! and their effect(s) on our planet/humans throughout the MANY MANY YEARS THEY HAVE ALREADY BEEN HERE ON EARTH! I studie alleged abductions, contact, landings, goverment "Hot spots and reverse enginering and the TRUTH behind the TRUTH about who, what, when, where, WHY, & HOW!!! WE ARE NOT ALONE!!! ALSO I know the TRUTH the FREEMASONS DO NOT WANT TO SHARE WITH THE WORLD!!!!!aka(Their SECRETS!!!) (Thank you family freemasons!) 33*


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I am a Musician (My FIRST LOVE & DREAM JOB!!!) I can play many instruments, Piano, drums, bass guitar, guitar, banjo, pedal steel, harmonica, and sing.. I MAINLY play LEAD/.Rythym Guitar and sing in bands. LOVE to play DEAD covers and my own music LIVE!
I also investigate Haunted locations in my spare time as I am a SENSITIVE (A person who is sensitive to psychic phenomenon. I can contact spirits and the spirit realms in deep trance and dreams, also I can sense if a spirit is in a location, their name/sex, etc.. why they are there and stuff like that.. I am NOT fully psychic, I am halfway I would say ( I BELIEVE ALL of us are psychic, we just have to learn how to use those powers that are buried DEEP within our own soul/SUBCONSCIOUS/Astral body!!! I am working on becoming FULLY open through meditation and EXPERIENCE! ONE DAY I WILL BE FULLY PSYCHIC.. It is just a matter of HOW OPEN YOU ARE AS A PERSON to what lays beyond!!!

Looking for

Musicians to JAM with LOCAL to New Haven CT area!!! (I play a MEAN guitar LEAD or Rythym and sing very well!) TALENTED PLAYERS ONLY!!!!! (OR THE BEAUTIFUL DEAD HEAD GAL WHO IS IN MY DREAMS!!! When are you going to come to me in REAL LIFE LOL :-)
ALSO: ALWAYS looking for new Customers who need great glass tobacco Pipes Wholesale and Retail... JUST ASK!!!


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