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NATUR-U-AL GOD/GODDESS EARTH AND LOVE!!!, And all the things that follow!!!!!, Hikes, family, Sundays, friends, and just life in general!!


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Never had a lot of dough but always had enough bread
Too many Max Creeks shows to count not as many Good Ol' Dead

Split the East in the Summer of 88 Hitching Hiking for a grub steak
Montana is the paradice I found a place to create all one can make

Found A good woman made her my wife
Had two boys start married life

We all Lived in a teepees deep in the woods
Had a community all building our homes life was good

One day it all fell apart
Went to CA to get a new start

Pulled towards a good woman who now is a partner, freind and wife
With her daughters and my sons the 6 of as live a good life


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9 years 10 weeks