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Of course the Grateful Dead, dancing reading, snorkeling, artsyfartsy art, Thailand, Thai language, Longboard Shuffleboard, Shortboard, whatever I can find, Books: Mysteries, Thrillers


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I hitchhiked to San Francisco with flowers in my hair from Omaha, NB. The morning after seeing the GratefulDead at the Music Box for $1.50 I hit the road. I missed alot of the good times getting there a couple years too late but I did get to live on Haight Steet. I lived in Berkeley and Oakland 1969-1974, going to the Filmore, Winterland, The Family Dog, Days on the Green.
We then moved to The Big Island stayed there for 32 years commuting every couple of month to Dead Concerts.
Now the kids are grown, I want to dance and party but Jerry's gone. I thank whoever got me to my first concert, the trip's been wonderful and the memories are awesome!!!!!


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