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My Band ( Blue Rose ), My Son, W.O.W., Bluegrass, The Dead, Jazz, Classical music, Dave Matthews Band, Woodworking
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David Kimball


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If some of you remember King Fish and gigs they did in the Bay Area, you probably remember Black Rose. They opened the show for Kingfish, Cold Blood ,etc. and played at Chateau Librete' , Keystone Berkley and places up near Sonora and all over North California and parts of Nevada. I was the bassist, vocalist, songwriter guy in the band. Other bands I'd been in- Awsome Light Band, Point La Hasche, George Haggerty Band, Sacred Ground and The Treatment. I live north of Seattle now and my band , Blue Rose, gigs around here. It's funny, this place fits a song I wrote along time ago - Wrinkled Sunshine. I'm currently making a new website for Blue Rose and will post the URL, soon.

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Looking for fellow Deadheads in my area to chat with and hangout with.


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