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M. Lono Burke
The Grateful Dead, fusion jazz, Irish wolfhounds, pan drums, bodhrans, homebrew, homegrown, Tom Paine


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Listening to Dark Star from the 1st LiveDead album got me on the bus, Pigpen provided the snake bite remedy, and we all went for a hell of a ride. Unrepentant and up-front about my having wasted my golden youth dancing my fool head off at so many GD and other group's shows. "And I know a little something you won't ever know", tee hee, haw haw!

Looking for

Magic, love, adventure, happiness. What you got? Oooh, I know, a good, clean recording of Reconstruction, who I saw at the Santa Monic Civic lo, lo these many years ago. Best trombone solo I ever heard, by the way, and my favorite of Jerry's non-Dead groups, some blues, some jazz, and Jerry "blending" his style with the group more than usual. I think I may still have an audience tape, pretty low fidelity, but the hotness of the playing is there, and since I was too, I can still hear it perfectly.


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