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April Moongrass
food, beer, the grateful dead, women, the Grateful Dead, jazz and blues music, acoustic kickassery, drinking, the gratefuL deaD, live music, photography, illustration, drinking, wine drinking, the tangible universe, sleeping outdoors and indoors, wicked scenery, good company, women of higher calibre, drinking, contemplating the tangible universe, gatherings and celebrations, skateboarding, the ability of man to manifest his thoughts, drinking, gardening, dogs, guns, whiskey, herbs, skateboarding, motorcycles, the Grateful dead, home improvement, traveling, art, working hard, hardly working, the wellbeing of mankind, candles, liquor, occasional stoagies, cooking, beer, the Grateful Dead, irie riddims, trucks and fast automobiles, camping, fishing, stimulating the american economy, roses, quitting cigarettes, fast women, stargazing, physical activity, sleeping, the great outdoors, America, Jesus, your mom, Blues for Allah.


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