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I have many interests, but for starters I enjoy hiking, bike riding, camping and some day would like to make to all hot springs as I can. I like to go to the barter fairs and I always love a good drum circle. I am drawn to healing world of plants, meditations, love music, and going to concerts and consider myself a lifelong student.


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I am a mother of a 8-year daughter. been single for about 10 years long time. I am a very optimistic being that likes to see the beauty in everyone! I am an open minded, sweet, and I can honestly say I love myself unconditionally

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My Ching is one who is trustworthy and true to himself, one who speaks his mind without fear, one who can be a friend as well as a lover. One who can play as well as be serious. One who can admit when made mistake and use the past as a tool to better himself. one who can give me space, but not take it personal. I think it is important to have a sense of self, and not wrap your whole world in one person and forget about self. Self first- I believe if do not love self, then how are you supposed to love another unconditionally.
Commuication is very important to me, cause if you cannot speak up- how is pleasure going to happen. I am very spiritual being of light and would like someone that can be openminded to my ways of the world. I am attracted to positive thinker, someone that can see the beauty and not be judgemental.


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