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I was skeptical about menstrual cups at first however after reading all the online reviews and watching dozens of Youtube videos I decided why not and bought one online. I AM NOW FOREVER A CUP USER. I am unable to wear tampons they hurt and my body is constantly pushing them out and we all hate wearing the dreaded pads. If you are also like myself with tampons or are just tired of strings and changing them every 3 hrs or so. Please give this a try and who knows you might become a fan like I am now. After watching all the menstrual cup videos I had no problem inserting or removing it. I didn't even make a mess the first time removing it and I was seriously thinking I would but nope. Some women say you can't feel it I can but it does not bother me at all and normally I have to wake up in the middle of the night and change or take out the tampon because of the pain. I slept all night and didn't have any cramps. Thank you Luna Cup for making my monthly periods more bareable.

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