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I'm into wines and delicious food (i.e. good beer.) I love lots of music like The Allman Brothers, Dave Matthews Band, Fleetwood Mac, good old Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band and I'd like to include 80's rockers Van Halen, AC/DC and David Bowie. I like watching movies, going to clubs and dancing under the stars at night. Psychedelic poetry is cool and writing about just everything. I'm into nice tattoos. I love poetry and writing about nature. Meditating about peace interests me. Reading books about Buddha and the tao te ching. And I like to walk it keeps me young.


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I was born in Salt Lake City on September 23, 1972 which makes me a Virgo/Libra. I'm a Massage Therapist and love my job. I graduated from the massage therapy school in Salt Lake City and did some traveling around seeing shows and what not. I have 3 cats named maggie, zoe and jack. I am not really religious at all but believe in the world religion. I love dance and studied ballet and modern for many years. I don't have a vehicle which allows me to ride my mountain bike everywhere. I also play the key boards. The first concert I saw was Jethro Tull. The world scares me and I'm taking the presidential election very seriously. Now seriously....

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I'm looking for something floating and the show.


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