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I live in a picturesque village in North Wales with my beautiful wife. She doesn't like the Dead much at all, but I still love her anyway. We share our home and our lives with a tabby-and-white tomcat and a little English rabbit.

For relaxation, I enjoy (very regular) visits to our local pub and the quiz night there, too (hello to the Highfield Orphans!). You can't beat a nice pint! I like walking in the beautiful British countryside (especially, the Lake District) and the occassional game on my Xbox 360. Above all though, I like settling down and listening to some good tunes.

Apart from the obvious, I enjoy the music of Nirvana, Robert Cray, Howlin' Wolf and George Thorogood and the Destroyers, with a bit of Oasis, REM, the Floyd and John Lee Hooker thrown in for good measure.

Favourite films? Spirited Away (or almost any Studio Ghibli movie), Transformers The Movie (the animated 80s one), The Island and Pan's Labyrinth.

Favourite books? War and Peace by Tolstoy and Catullus' Poems (amazingly modern in style to say they were written in the first century BCE; we even had CI at my kid brother's funeral: R.I.P. Joe - I miss you, mate).

Favourite beers? Guinness Foreign Extra (the Nigerian one), Brains SA, Erdinger Dunkel (see you in the Mitre for one soon, Lol!), Jennings Bitter, Cains Cask Lager, Hydes Dark Mild and draught Kozel Dark in Prague.

Finally, thanks for taking the time to read this. Above all, have fun in everything you do!


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