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music - all kinds of jamming - neil young, santana, phish, miles davis and more ... and of course, the deads; always have loved the blues, too, chicago style and good old english white boy blues (clapton, peter green fleetwood mac) ...


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have not been to many live shows, but appreciate tape trading and listening to it over the years ... seen zappa, pink floyd and the who in the early '70s and while they were enjoyable, the hassle involved with live venues wasn't what i enjoyed and tape trading has been a godsend

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a sane and reasonable government ... anything beside the confrontational, angry and narrowminded people in politics today. ... back in the '70s when rights for women, gays, minorities became the norm i felt that the world was becoming a saner place, but the emphasis on conservative religion and confrontation in politics today just makes me sad and confused ... hopefully in the next election those of us who are looking to make a valid change in this world will vote the ultra conservatives out of office


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