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I saw my first Grateful Dead show on October 19,1972 at the fabulous Fox Theater in St. Louis, Missouri. No one could have been less prepared.A classmate, also a freshman in college, had convinced me to hitch hike across central Illinois to his home to go to see the band on the day of the show. I had never been to a rock concert and even though I listened to a lot of bands, I'd never heard a Grateful Dead song. For some unknown reason, I readily agreed. That night I got a little piece of tin foil for a guy at the sound board who handed it to me and just said "enjoy". It contained a crumbled orange tablet, and, can guess the rest. The music, the light show, the people, this entire gestalt changed my entire life. Looking back from almost 57, I can say unreservedly it did so for the better. 168 shows later, I'm glad for every one I saw, even the bad ones. I regret the ones I missed, even more now than I did when I was close by and chose not to go. I'm so glad for the continued existence of the community of people who share the music freely and for the sale of the music through as well. It seems as though everything is just as it should be here in the 21st century!

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That crystal clear recording of 10/18-19/72! Let it go from the Vault, guys. I know Owsley taped it!


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