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I once met Bob Weir at the Radison Hotel in Chicago...briefly. It was my first Dead show the next day. He was sitting down with some friends, enjoying some drinks. I was with my friends. We were just teenagers at the time and had no business being there, on one of the restaurant levels of the hotel. We were walking around by the Water Tower, when someone said, "Hey, are you guys "Dead Heads?". Our response being, "Yeah!", of course. They told us that the band members are staying at the Radison and we should go over there. Without a better previous mission, we proceeded to run to our new goal. Through the parking lot, past the valets and one slow security guard, we hopped into an elevator that looked like it could take us right to Jerry's suite. It had a crystal chandelier and mirrors that were witnesses to our trespass. My excited friend, Tim, punched a bunch of buttons and we were lifted up into the hotel. To increase the likelihood of a chance encounter, we chose a floor that had a bar and a restaurant. We really had no clue. Our young faces and tattered clothes must've made us stick out like proverbial sore thumbs. But, despite our circumstances, our mission was clear. Find a member of the band. We didn't know the next step in that mission, but it seemed to be a reachable aspiration. As we walked quickly between the tables and booths like we were looking for a lost dog, Sam, at the front of our gravy train, stops and says, in a rather loud an excitable voice, "Uh, are you Bob Weir?". Wouldn't ya know it, Bobby, dressed in a purple silk button down shirt and dress slacks, responds, "Well, why yes I am!" Sam, thunder-struck replies, "Holy shi*." Bobby laughs and agrees to a request for an autograph. He patiently waited as we found a willing waitress to get us some paper and a pen. That is when I shook hands with Bob Weir and he graciously signed 5 young Dead Heads' Four Seasons, receipt paper and sent us on our way with one of the most memorable meetings of our young, previously unfulfilled, lives.


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