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Maybe later...getting closer to giving it out...
Working outdoors, beading, reading, thinking about my days on tour..., As time permits, and as I find all my ticket stubs I want to add all the shows I've been to. I think it is somewhere around 300+, but I need to find my box of old tickets first....


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I live in a small mountain community called Quincy. I came here just before giving birth to my daughter. I had been on tour prior to that. Other people could raise kids on tour, but I needed a more stable environment to do it in. I now have 2 kids, work for the Forest Service and love living in Quincy. I'm currently finishing my BS on line via Oregon State University...can't wait....

Looking for

Friends I knew on tour...

Lee J. Randel (taper dude) where are you Lee J.???

Did anyone out there know my dear friend Hilary???


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